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Always coming in. News is like that, too. New stuff happens all the time. So come back 345 times a day and know what's going on news Radio 1200 W away. I President of the United States and the first lady of tested positive for covert 19 there in quarantine. More on that. And as bad as that news is, it's going to turn out to be even more. Once Democrats get ahold, I guarantee they've already called a meeting. No sure how we're gonna play this guys and gals. This is can't get any better than I mean, This is a gift from was like manna from heaven. Today is World Smile Day. So say cheese. It always happens on the first Friday of October, and it's inspired by gaining Harvey Ball. He was from or Chester, Massachusetts. He's the man who created the smiley face back in 1963. So now we know who to blame. Harvey Ball from Massachusetts. The Harvey Ball World Smile Foundations. Motto for this day is do an act of kindness and help one person smile. Never bad info. And I don't know who comes up with some of these special days today is named your car day. No, we're in him all the time. Yeah. You ever name Did you ever have a car that you gave a name? No, Charlie. I'm a guy. Yeah, that's kind of what? I thought Charity ever have a car? You gave a name? Yes. Did you really? What was it? Why? Well, my current car, I just call it Jade. Because that's kind of the color. Okay? And everybody right now. I promise you is going What color is very sorry. Green Army Green Warrior. You say Army green. I could go. Can you think of any famous cars that have names Chitty Chitty Bang bang. The general at the name of the movie or was that is the magical car car? The General the General Lee? Yeah, Speed money. Less people, not I was actually just you know, that's what it was. It was because the bee buggy kit. Yeah. Oh, yeah. My favorite is Christine Like Christmas, Eleanor. Raylan and 60 cell. Okay? Yeah. Ah! A motel California that shadow wood Panel station wagon on the station way. Salami? Yes. Oh, Motel, California. That's the best one right now. I'm not sure I ever saw salami with a chick in that car. No, no, no, He just called it. Guess that's trying to get some credit in the locker room. Hopeful thinking those were the days brought to you by Brown Chevrolet. Rush Limbaugh's morning commentary all coming up in the next 30 minutes..

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