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Uh-huh I've done his podcast a number of times call about last night with our buddy Adam raise the co host so check that out I really enjoyed our talk here and as I say New York with many more to come in the meantime enjoy my chat with the wonderful Brad Williams get into it I really love it I love it blessing unless you're in this town which everything is late like if I was west or like and I look Brad I'm GonNa Disagree with you and I think what you're doing is setting a good standard no fooling we're recording come on this is the this is show Megan happen I'm just just go just go like these sounds is very npr what am I doing what is this what is he doing are you starting your own Asmar podcast you didn't ask them I guess the other day really yeah What do you what did you do whispered spread the entire podcast I was thinking if I did the ads whispering that'd be more compelling Alphabrain is his annual tropic on it Alphabrain this it's made Brad made from Earth ingredient earth things that come from the ground AH earth crowd ingredients it's all natural all the Joe Rogan got so fucking ripped people don't know this the Dow Jo- spots it that's very true you did not get it from standard exercise just on it there was no diet there's no exercise he just got it and now he's popping Jack I I can't legally say oh I can't be okay you could ask them are you have to you have to fade out you have to go back thank you I can't say that it's almost like you're slowly moving away fade out fade out this say who's vocal on the twitter community who's that every fucking body I go on twitter and Oh Why am I these are people who tweeted why you know what I mean like I was GonNa say people eight people who eat uh who eat on podcast love they love they hate as much as they hate people on eating on podcast yeah they love tweeting about it directly proportioned the The sound of massification yes they they don't like it mastic Haitian yeah that's one of my sat. yeah yeah but I it's one of those things it's one of those very annoying words where you say it and everyone just pauses and does exactly you just fucking say chewing it's easier it's better masticate yeah it sounds too much like masturbate yeah I it's like when you say you finished rated someone what's that one you use it in context I was Wanna chant all right it caught my wife with another man on the third ran on the thirty second floor of the high rise so I finished rated him you took his genitals you throw them out the window I should eat the context was you could have taken his journals off on the ground floor that was the details defenestrate yeah it means it means the act of throwing someone a window fart and then go I'm GonNa defenestrate this and open the window can you and it'd be a eric can you defenestrate a labor what is it that way to be defenestrate able these are all questions that our website my pay grade I like that I say that a lot yeah I like saying things are outside of my pay grade but we're we're both doing very well I think it's in our pay grade financially yes I can afford to say definitively they like whatever the fines Oh God cancelled culture is coming to you for saying I'm going to default on one's gonNA write us someone's GonNa tweet can be like my grandfather was finished rated well someone's grandfather can you self defenestrate like suicide I don't know I didn't finish I don't know if that's the thing I just say but I don't know of Self Defense Ministry is thing but that's that's that's definitely opened self defenestration yeah if you were going to do it the dark question sure well hey this I wouldn't want to jump out of something this is the name of the podcast who wants a three will and I want to ride roller coaster that slams into a brick wall I want I want to go ooh I wanna say it's not because he said candle culture I do want to be sensitive and I just I feel like Seinfeld it's sounds like something you'd saying Comedians I just don't understand well it's probably because it's your closest option and now we're sad and now it s a sad time something nicer okay you're funny in your Brad and you're here thank you thank you Brad and you're here it sounds like my intro song if I were on sesame street no I'm always happy to talk to you last night I've been on many time yes you every time I go why hasn't Brad on my podcast and I don't say anything because there's awkward right yeah and that's it it's always that thing where when you have a podcast or you have a you have a show as you did with crashing yeah it's like you Wanna be able to just have a new edgy for graphic but but it's that exact thing where it's like sometimes you just want to be able to talk to someone and not have to be like okay invite you on the thing I have to like well it's a little bit exhausted how do you feel doing I if you have a podcast yes do you record multiple episodes in a day yeah we did do we did three the other day Oh God is by how many times a week are you coming out well because there's a once a week but there's like we're we're our schedules are so there's two there's two of us there's me and there's Adam Ray and this is an hour our lives are getting bigger they're getting better getting more more involved you made you made the announcement on our podcast that that vow was pregnant yeah via their yes I'm coming on this one did and Ray Yeah that's now come full circle full circle your is you've you've announced seven oust it I I I've announced it I had to cancel some show rose I had to not go on the Chris Jericho Rockin Wrestling Raider at sea ooh that was a bummer. Can't tell if you're not can I have nothing against the sports guy he's a sports guy he's a I'm not trying to be funny I know he's sports jerk Louis He's the sports guys very popular he's a pro wrestler and he's also the leads a of a of a heavy metal band called Fosse Fosse the bear I mean I don't know how they got the name walk walk walk I don't know why they don't know Chris Jericho's Oh from the tweets because he's a guy and he case tweet comedy things Any is comedy on the Chris Rock and Wrestling regency on the web plugging lagging at take someone else's cruise when you have the battle last night crew we do I know guess who tech that I on your wikipedia is lacking yeah well I don't know I didn't worry about yeah I know but that's why we compete is invite people with some are and he's got a piece of what how does it not say you met your wife in a three way APP we're we're on your wikipedia jumping around to a lot of different topics oh don't worry about you we will streamline we will bring it all back we will talk about the baby oh that's my that's my goal from succession you Kinda talk like do you watch succession Seattle here it's a great show we're GONNA streamline we're GonNa Land GonNA close it we're GonNa make it happen what do you mean what going to make it happen what do you mean Kendall is a great impressions if you watch I know the I know the old guy yeah there you go I know I wasn't super troopers probably know me from super troopers yes because you seem like a comedy Gosh that is a guy that's old enough they would just immediately address you being dwarf it'd be like you it's funny you say that have you met my dad but yeah comment one would be something when your preteen Shit just happens when I when I met Jim Jefferies Dad he did a very he did a very similar thing goes well look at you like yeah y'all y'all something that's what it is and you're just like oh boy days before streaming TV that's that was people's entertainment was just like point out reality look bad bed in with one wing yeah it's not only taking a left isn't it you're going to grow up to be a shocking how well you got you got a lazy I yeah which way you look in there that was their netflix right looking woman long hair could you imagine that it said like you just insult did someone's Lazy I we also recommend people I also enjoyed one big shoe one big laughing at dwarfs freezes from Australia yes I feel like there's more frankness like British I know two different culture similar similar yes because we're because we're Americans and anything off estates of America that involves white people it's all the same yeah yeah it's we call it you're you're Jason Europe Australia's not your Europe it does it it you can spend a euro there they'll take a euro now you say no like an Australian Nar Nar here Nazi now it sounds like you're going back to rolling stones like doing the show I was watching enrolling sensitive I was like Shit this is ten years old and they look real fucking old was this the one where they're touring South America yeah I've seen that one and that was old yeah it's it's ten years old and they looked ten years older than you look dead look it's ten years ago it was like you know those things you stoke afire with it looks like they found their bodies and then after the show they just we's out lagging the case there's one house in my neighborhood that has put out their Halloween decorations and one is Mick Jagger it it could pass so I think it's a skeleton uh-huh you walk by if you put a scarf on that that's hilarious jagger but the swagger instill dancing surgery where we make fun because they're better than US I know they're going to live longer than the we will. I will probably die before Keith Richards I feel like the way he's going yeah checking twitter real quick I feel like we should you know when someone's on the mask singer and they trend and every thinks they are dead I thought Martin Short died Dana Carvey died I was so scared I was very scared right and I just had dinner with Dana Two weeks ago and I was like Oh God Oh you look so full of Life C. D. C..

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