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O P. Traffic. Hey, Matt Ritter. We could have a little action this afternoon. Yeah, Later on towards the heart of the evening rush. It looks like there's a cluster of strong thunderstorms in the middle of West Virginia right now in the Panhandle of Maryland. Moving eastward because of all this heat because of all this humidity, the atmosphere is pretty unstable. So we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire area, except for Saint Mary's County in southern Maryland. That's just a technicality. I think there's potential there as well. Later on, it's all the way all goes all the way until 10 PM of this evening, as this line of storms moves into this extremely unstable air mass Close to the I 81 corridor are far western suburbs. I think any time after four o'clock is when you can start seeing some of the stronger storms and at the heart of listening area in the Beltway area, a little closer to five o'clock, and there's going to be a possibility of another round after sunset this evening something to monitor not abundantly clear right now, at any rate round one during the evening rush hour record has a really strong wind gusts, maybe as high as 70 MPH in some of the stronger storms. And of course that can cause some wind damage, in the meantime, is just becoming mostly cloudy. Right now, with all this heat with all this humidity, temperatures to be falling through the eighties this evening as the storms arrive overnight tonight, all the storms any lingering storms that is will be out of here by midnight, then warm and muggy and uncomfortable with some patchy fog will be in the upper sixties to mid seventies. Tomorrow, the actual cold front itself causing this will be moving through. It's going to bring us around of steady rain that will be arriving in the morning. And it could be moderate, heavy at times through the lunch hours with an occasional thunderstorms. But then it will be ending by the evening rush tomorrow. Warm and muggy, but turning cooler and less humid in the evening and high temperatures tomorrow morning will be in the mid upper seventies. Temperatures will probably be falling behind the Cold front later later in the day, and then Wednesday and Thursday, look gorgeous, Mostly sunny, warm and pleasant and comfortable. High as both days will be in the upper seventies to right around 80. In the meantime, we have 90 degrees in Manassas, 91 in Gaithersburg, in his 88 at Washington. Reagan National. Alright Matt, thanks to 51 now. W t o p. The Supreme Court rules on another high profile case, And once again it's a unanimous decision. The justices.

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