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Cuomo cuomo. We're looking down on the leno peninsula. Where famous films such as star wars and james bond. James was shot. We're looking right down on reliable bonello The sun is setting the green light on the hill on the other side of the lake the support. There's an airplane. Crossing quietly into the sunset and some dramatic loads. I think there's some weather there isn't there on days like these Likud move for me. And i have. I have a lot of history with this but this area having lived here for ten years. It's i think it's the most beautiful place in the world used to live just older we pass your host and we as driving here. Yeah yes sort of ten fifteen minutes down the road. Now you also point the the. We're actually looking down on. George clooney more or less you. He's just on the other side of the peninsula in small town called la. You think i mean padres five last night. Do you think we could be joined on the podcast. By george clooney tonight what i know where he gets his gelato because the best lottery on the western shore of luxury komo's is mild village in general. I mean i'm not sure if he's into cycling but we can certainly put him off count we If he was to join us on the podcast. When i know he dines where we're eating later on was just below where we're sitting which soaring autumn game. I don't know. I mean we were doing pretty well daniel on me and but you've said you would raise up a level but this is not really quite had in mind. Brian has been great One of the day of the. Jiro can't quite believe it's the final day into milan tomorrow. and one of the things that we do on grunter is of course. Is we award a peddler disarm We've been talking a lot about how good a racist been dining a bit donut. Maybe you more upon it significantly somewhere in in the middle But it was in in casting around today for nominations for peddler sharma was struck. By how many great characters there have been in this race Going all the way to the the star some really good nominations propeller disarmament with my after on semi finals and final on twitter to find the winner. But some names that have been put forward popular names. Lucky lorenzo fortunate to definitely a contender. Danny martinez obvious a contender. Taco vander horned at wando. A fini bennett. Three st bont. I think one of the stars of this gio really simone pillow and amino cruiser was about to say you can't nominate them yonkers just for that one gesture today but we'll come to that will come to the stage twenty from verbania and well. It was a homecoming for filippo ghana..

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