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Come to me Now for the bad news the NBA is dealing with a COVID surge that is sidelined 7 Brooklyn Nets including James Harden the bucks reportedly avianus onto tacu in health and safety protocols The NFL is also dealing with a big surge as Adam Schefter of ESPN reports 75 players league wide of tested positive for COVID in the last two days The highest two day total since the beginning of the pandemic the Washington football team's COVID reserve list has reached double digits adding Kendall fuller and Tim settled to the list and activating Daryl Roberts bringing the current tally to ten on COVID reserve to account for the losses pass rusher Nate Orchard was signed off the Green Bay Packers practice squad and safety Jeremy Reeves was called up from the Washington practice squad In the other football Charlotte FC selected D.C. United Joseph Moore and the MLS expansion draft which brings D.C. $50,000 in allocation money Rob wood fork utopia sports Rob is always one 47 on TLP Here's what's happening this early Wednesday morning December 15th CBS News special report we're following breaking news on Capitol Hill where the house has voted to hold mark Meadows in contempt of Congress On this vote the yeas are 222 and the nays are 208 The resolution is adopted without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table Just two Republicans joined Democrats to vote in favor of the resolution Illinois's Adam kinzinger and Wyoming's Liz Cheney both serve on the January 6th select committee investigating the insurrection We will question mister Meadows about emails and texts he gave us without any privilege claim This committee must get to the objective truth and ensure that January 6th never happens again Lawmakers spend hours debating Meadows Trump's former chief of staff has refused to comply with the panel's investigation He is now the second former Trump official to be held in contempt after Steve Bannon CBS News special report I'm Monica rix One.

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