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The game and outside if it and it was starting to impact their lives their health. Sasha lost considerable amount of weight and two different times. James's work had sent him home early. He said he didn't feel sick but everybody said that he looked sick. Carlos had an infected cut his leg. That just wouldn't heal. And they all had the dreams. Dreams came every night now. The same was true Dr Mash except except the man and his dreams wasn't in the book and Durham could see the man so clearly and he had the idea that maybe he should add the man into the book. There were a couple of empty pages near the end. Maybe this was an all out of date version of the book and so in his dream he asked the man and the man thought it was a marvelous idea. Dr Mash was not much of an artist but he was okay and so he drew the man into the book and it felt right and it gave him a new idea. The next level of the game the end of the campaign the beginning of a new one after everyone had a few days to cool off from the big blow up Dr Mash called them all up. He had a plan to settle this. Put It all behind them into save their friendship one final gaming.

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