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Drunk guys reason with them when they showed that hard producer takes them to the side billing we call this the lights are out and no one was home your oral also known as the tony i was gonna say i do year eggs when you could drunk eggs just all on one four adults well that's a wild i've ever should anyone with higher travelled out single or or i can't believe it's six eight seventy s evenings a balance shelves middle oxley ones brian how would you react if i told you looked like my mom had sixty oh i say i would probably pick offence but it's a weird insult so i go out because it's like also in solving your mom the oic item or maybe you're complementing your ma is a very of weird insults like in paris on i'll see your own mom i will say if this where an isolated incident for tony i gave this wasn't tragic and tony didn't have a problem and we didn't know about the multiple kids multiple women that we saw enfold and all the issues that i'm so sick of seeing for tony this would be my favorite drunk tony moment because when he gets angry at something he said repeated to him that is hysterical that if this were just like a regular drunk person i would think this was funny but it's so sad it almost doesn't allow me to enjoy it but he starts like bearing his teeth waving around that like a lecture green booger colored lollipop i was it was pretty priceless until i realized how sad it really is first that it itself like go away from cameras for a little while if bottle forever later.

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