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And i'm watching this scenario been hurt at this point he got hurt in miami he ripped his hamstring so we're down three quarterbacks we brought in africanamerican dude played for tampa bay didn't work out well josh jackson nope free josh freeman he was playing for some like i f l league the week before long island forget the team name and then he brought in another guy first round pick was just think this was way after he was this way to world figured out he wears another guy who's another quarterback was two quarterbacks we picked up literally off the street and he says this on tuesday the press conference he's like we plans would push a couple of guys but maybe vr and i'm sitting at home by the fuck did you say we got one game left until this offseason i've seen a lot of quarterbacks die out there this you're going so the next day i walk in and i'm expecting a conversation with chuck you like walk in before the team meeting i like look at them like looking at like tell me right now like we're just gonna act like what you said yesterday wasn't like a pat you might be dying on sunday we're not gonna talk about that he's like good morning good morning let's have a week you know travel good goodwood i'm like okay we're gonna act like it didn't happen and thursday same thing friday same thing saturday morning saturday morning he goes he comes up to me after our walk through and go shea won't go get some quarterback a quarterback exchangers because you might get into all hell breaks loose tomorrow i'm chuck we're on our fifth quarterback all hell has broken.

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