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Areas of this from what you talked about from prescriptions and making sure doctors are doing the right thing to to prevention to law enforcement to actually creating a system of care and and we've just scratched the surface so getting back to the drug part do the pharmaceutical companies step up and take any responsibility at all for this well i had two piece of legislation that noone agreed with this year one was having lockable vials for opioids leave in the pharmacy and there is always the over the bad love who was going to spend the extra eighty three cents for bottles and and and that was that was difficult and then we just had national prescription take back day saturday right and six yeah in but in it was wonderful but we ought to be to take our drugs back or prescriptions back to the pharmacy of which the came from at anytime i can't we well it it there's there's stipulations in the law federal law about security i think we can overcome those but it's one of those things that the time has not come yet and you can take him back to a place of law enforcement or probably fire stations but more more likely the like for instance in hamlin county you can take back into sheriff's office but i it's just one of those things time hasn't come yet we continue to work on it's just it's just flooring me that i don't know that this has raised its ugly head again and that it's a problem and we haven't even talked about math i mean another sphere will clinch down on heroin and meth or grow but i will tell you that the nosy pharmacists bill a couple of years ago the sir head.

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