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Like the chance to be a real a real all-star all nba type talent. And so i don't want to be developing poku and right coming to save you know and the blue door. Do i like a lot too. But it just i think i think book die. Just turn them loose. Let them figure it out. As a score which i think he'll be able to do and whereas golden state. I reject any idea that they're drafting for this year. In fact i even made this argument about weisman. Who was coming along before you hurt last year. Which is really sad. I really thought we were. Because i was super high and weisman a year ago is still am i think. Let a plane the g. league the whole year moving up on occasion here and there let them earn it and going states gotta be thinking it's a mistake to think this draft solves any unless you trade picks which is different if they can trade weisman and these guys for. That's a different argument but absent that. Develop your core nine regardless of who you draft here. Because they're not going to help you win games that matter and so treat these other guys in a different team there your future team with wise but as long as you have them let julia bunch really invest in development coaches. Whatever and if any team could do that. I think going state has a chance with both tram on instead of has leaders. I think commander would do really well in that culture. I was really skeptical. That golden state would take commingle if he was there. I've been corrected in that thinking i've had people in golden state. Tell me that if he's there there's a very high likelihood that they'll select damon that's exact- they'll do exactly what you said there in and they'll have a ton of my of respect for that as well because it's so easy to say we're gonna take davey and mitchell here or you know someone who we think is going to be able to step in right away and instead say no we're gonna use kinga and weisman Maybe jordan pool a little bit. And we're gonna we're gonna let these young guys figure it out. And we're we're thinking about sustainability as a franchise while at the same time trying to compete for a championship and i you know. So many teams sacrifice sustainability for for the moment. And i think it's a very mature way of thinking about it as well. Because as you and i know you absolutely have to go for if your team but the utah jazz are just a great example of a team. Did everything right. And then has to unfortunate injuries at exact wrong moment. And they're out in their general manager or gone. now right have a jaanus. Was that hyperextension away of the milwaukee bucks not winning. the title. quite littered goes out and rex rex. The champ chances for the clippers the nets were wrestling with a number of energy injuries. There's so many things that can happen. And if you put all of your eggs in that basket and then one thing goes wrong sometimes out of your control now. Your franchises decimated for a decade and so the maturity of the warriors. Taking that approach to me. I i really. I really respect that. I had them doing something insane. And so i'll get your response to this. Which is alpern. singin. I out of turkey who i've wrestled with all year i. I didn't like him. I'm like to be it as a play that way anymore. He's an old school center. You know showing showing me fifteen years ago. And i would have loved him but not now and then the more. I watched the tape. The more i delve into the analytics more. I began to get wrap my arms around the fact that an eighteen year old won the. Mvp of the turkish league and what that means. Because that's the league folks you know for people that are wondering that's a good league. Eighteen year olds. Don't win the mvp's in the nba right and they don't win them in the turkish league. That's not that's unprecedented. There's well that this guy is such an offensive genius at that. I think that in the warriors system. He's probably the unique prospect. That's only eighteen years old but given the high level that he played at at turkey and given how much of a savant he is as an offensive player. You can probably put him on the floor. Drain on dre. Mahnken can help with some of that fit the defense constituencies. That are super big concern. But you may have draymond green one of the best defenders in the front court there next to him in the fourth quarter but he actually might weirdly. Be a guy who can help. Get you buckets. that aren't three pointers in in right away. And he still has the upside of being an eighteen year old plane and a system. Where i think the warriors would also develop him as a shooter as a passer at not. Just ask him to sort of go round and bang post like they did in turkey. This is my sort of thinking about that in my lotteries a little bit lower Just because there's some other good players too but No i thi- with him. I'm i'm a little concerned about his lack of mobility in the way the league is playing. Yokich is bigger. He's just a gargantuan individually and so yoke absolutely he's learned to be a good rim-protector whereas this guy. I mean he needs to learn. He needs to learn to play like markets. All always not as tall as marcus. All he's not the presence mark is he's not the presents brooke. Lopez's is physically. He's gotta try to be to better stay on the court because and even the fourth quarter in the finals brompton play at goes by the great job at using but not in the fourth quarter. So i think he's. He's a brilliant offensive player. I'd i'd has got a lot of work to defensively. But he's he's he's worthwhile lottery. Pick i just don't have that spot fair enough for the guy. That's took scanner barnes at two because of the great defense that he plays that he's not just going to be swayed by the offense. I love that you know what good needs to do david. He needs to more built bars. That's what that's what he needs because look they're delicious. I don't know if albertson's ever had a bill bar before But but there are amazing. And i don't know what flavor he likes. But there's coconut coconut almond cherry raspberry brownie peanut butter brownie double chocolate salted caramel. Something for everybody. But here's the reason that i say might need some bill bars. They have seventeen grabs a protein. Which is great. It can get stronger. Leonard thirty calories only four grams of sugar. Not bad for you. Only four grams of net carbs. They're delicious. i'm telling you built bar sent me.

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