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Fortunately for US though there will be players playing and teams playing including via top team in the country Clemson Tigers which if you haven't heard it episode one Oh, seven I really went through and broke down every position offense defense and kind of the outlook for Clemson, and that's GonNa to be the main storyline. We'll get to who I think actually I don't think a win it all this. Year there you go. Spoiler alert and it's not going to be on this show. But next week I want to talk about who my who I believe will win the national championship this year, and if you didn't follow last fall, I was pretty on point with a lot of my predictions and and breakdowns. So we'll see if I could hold true certainly guru but I kind of know the game. But cannot even anyone unseat Clemson that is my question today on the show and there's two horses in the race that seek to win the ACC that haven't illegitimate shot. I would legitimate they have a shot one is not notre dame the other is North Carolina and I want to talk about how they match up against Clemson. And if you listen to the breakdown, I, think one of the big question marks outside of the defense returning a bunch of people a bunch of. Replacing a bunch of players outside of the defense, I think Brent Venables gets it right I think the youth at the line position is a major major question mark. They only return left tackle Jackson Carmen. The other four offense alignment are going to have to develop and it's tough an offensive line developing. With four new players and so here's what I looked at I looked at how are we gonNA, know. If this offensive line can win a national championship because they they need to. That's where you went. You went up front it's no secret, and so I'm looking at the MASHUPS and they have to match ups outside of Notre Dame and probably North Carolina in the ACC championship game that I'm very excited to watch, and the first one is October tenth against Miami, and it's not because I think Miami is GonNa win or even as a chance that's because Miami has two of the best defensive ends in the United States of America and they're going to put pressure on those offensive tackles and it's going to give us a picture. October tenth I mean in a month on how good Clemson is at on the edge pass Bro will they be able to protect trevor? Lawrence, Jackson Carmen is a pretty. We already have a good picture that he can pass pro at any level and the question is going to be can there right tackle pass Bro and here's why Gregory Rousseau is the number one edge rusher. In America, he had forty six pressures in sixteen sacks. Last year he's projected is the first defensive end off the board in the draft he's going to give Jackson Carmen everything he can handle and on the other side temples. Miami got a temple Grad Transfer Quincy Roche who actually was second in the country with sixty eight pressures and at thirteen sacks. He was a monster albeit at temple, but a monster, and now he comes in to the ACC at Miami and he's going to have to go up against Jordan. McFadden the right tackle at a Clemson and I think he's GonNa give him at least give them a test. We'll get to find out how good he is. So that's the first thing both of those both those the ends were top ten in the in the country last year in sex. So that's going to be a huge test and the last test which will be before they probably played north. Carolina will be that November twenty first matchup against Florida state that'll give us a great picture of Clemson's interior. Linemen. They have inexperienced three inexperience guys at the garden center versus two of the top four Interior Lineman in America Marvyn Wilson and Corey. DURDEN are both projected first second round picks. So you're going to get to see how those interior linemen could do in the run game trying to move those massive mountain of men and also can they pass? Bro Marvyn Wilson is a athletic dude for his size as its durden. So I'm really excited to see how those two matchups play out and you're going to get to watch A. Test, it's like a it's like a mid term right when a college student takes a mid term, it doesn't mean that that's his final grade. It doesn't it's not the final exam but you get a great picture of where you're at where you're at on the spectrum and really on the national landscape can they be an elite offensive linemen and the first major test they're going to have is against Notre Dame on November seventh, and you talk about offensive line play. This is the top returning offense a line in the country. In South Bend Indiana, all five starters returning, they were number one in F as a collective group in pass pro, they had ninety four point, two, percent efficient and pass pro. The collective group is a five. They actually only had one guy that allowed to sex all four other starters allowed zero Leeann Mike and Berg is projected first round pick you allow zero sacks on five hundred pass pro snaps they only allowed sixteen total sex in. The whole season forth FBI an online only allowed two of those. But the thing for Andy is at this game is at home and it is a game six of a six straight week midseason grind for Clemson if you if you can classify Georgia tech and syracuse is a grind but there at least they're playing six weeks in a row. Now here's what I want to make clear. Notre Dame will not beat Clemson in my opinion. And here's why Ian Book. If you look solely at stats, he looks like he had a decent year last year he does but when you watch the film..

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