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In this extreme circumstance script. She should survive in as a a a pragmatic yet rational. It's rational pragmatic streamline. You you can't afford hysteria in not top circumstance and to say someone ms recommend with. That was very exciting. When i when i read up and just use his education you had us all to survive on what where where everywhere else it was a the might be punishable more natural reactions impending death and horrific deaths of some of these altitudes as aged more pragmatic and cerebral which frustrates me initially became an informed ball the uniform of him and his story. What's what's really interesting. What you say is like an example of how he's not traditional hero like in a traditional story About the drugs. Yeah he would have been. I'm gonna put these drugs behind me. And now i'm going to be a better man. Basically he's desperate for those drugs and is because the ships Drugs and i. It's all as little details. That made kim not here but in doing so he comes here story. I guess because he is more of a realistic care we call. We always find the sa- battling demon sometimes. It's i love the moment. Where he asks the priest for laudanum because like this guy has just been inside of a bear you know. He's he probably is just like this is soon as he hears about medicine. He's getting law. I mean this isn't. This is a closed chapter for him but in the circumstances he becomes a a different person. I just. I adored this series. So much i i don't want to go too far into the details of the last scene but one of the things i thought was amazing. Was you end the series and it feels very complete but then you're also like what happens to this guy next. I mean you're. I'm sure that the you must have asked yourselves this questions. But you know here's this guy. And he's in. I guess at this point what eighteen sixties Berlin and what a fascinating. What if we're what next for him right. I mean jack. Do you ever wonder what happens to sumner next. I mean the time definitely and And i.

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