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But i've always understood the power of relationships the power of reaching out one of the things that i use this kind of a model and certainly not original with me. But i'm used to over the years as i think you'd be putting ought to have a paul barnabus and timothy in their life call. Somebody who's older. We can speak wisdom into you do that pre late and speak the truth in love. Barbas somebody come along side so you know. What do you wanna cowboys arms and do this together and support each other then timothy. Somebody's younger that you can speak into the privilege of helping them. When they're maybe not quite as strong the panthers you are. Those are metaphorical kind of examples. Because it's not just one person. But i people in those categories and i think about people that i reached out to people who were influencers in my gosh in as you know i just got a couple of cases of those e book born to win and you can see their mobile to see that. Have there. I've got a gold stick around there from the office of dan miller on there. And give those out as gifts to people but in reaching out to zig you know how could i reach out to somebody that had that kind of impact. They kind of influenced by start onto his events. Took you all a teenager. As a little kid when your own and then ultimately develop relationships with other people like mark victor hansen again went to event with them just so i could be around somebody who has a high performer and joined a community that he had told illinois millionaires of done it over and over and over again to reach out. Even if i'm more comfortable at home and in many ways i would but i recognize the power of that point myself a head. It's like when you were racing. Bicycles really good as bmx. Racer you could race in your age. Category and win every sunday bring whole big trophy. That's not what you wanted to do. You wanted to always be thrown group for your over your head where there are people who are much better than you because it stretch you to be better. I mean that's a great trait the head and i've certainly used that and reaching out to people you know those relationships one of the things that i i do. A lot is to every every monday afternoon. Monday afternoons are dedicated to doing endorsements and forwards of books. So i have lots and lots of books out there. Were you know by dan. Miller of that's one. Cut babies book gary edwards new book permission prosper word on that. So that's another way where i intentionally create those relationships and nurture those..

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