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Coming to the defense of senator Warren at that rally three oh eight we have a bit of a rally on Wall Street here to talk about that Andrew day from Bloomberg at least on the dial right now Lori a presidential commentary today that he was trying to trade deal is very close and Mr trump towards has resulted in the foreseeable bomb for stocks indexes mostly higher today the Dow right now gaining a hundred two points nasdaq has been pretty close to flats for much of the day tech stocks not really joining in on this rally right now though nasdaq up six S. B. five hundred up about five if you were a coffee snob user might need to pay more snob like prices for it and for some in the past two years the price of top and arabica coffee is about fourteen percent here in twenty nineteen and it's pressing higher again today the international coffee organization predicts a global supply shortfall from a previous surplus partly because of declining output from Brazil and other south American countries Andro day Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio all right Andrew coming up next sports this Friday with Tom Cody standing by from director Clint Eastwood Richard jewel is based on the true story of the nineteen ninety six Atlanta bombing witness a story of a security guard who reports finding the device first hailed as a hero all become vilified in the media deadline to clear is that this is the east would back in the kind of true life stories he has been attracted to lately tells about complex heroes like American sniper Sally and now Richard jewel the world will know his name and the truth only in theaters December thirteenth radar under seventeen not admitted without parent you will get the multiple branches in distributed locations can leave your.

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