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Two yeah view coast to coast said get lots of email people's census bureau liberal because you does that as you had that guest on and then the next day i might have somebody who's a right winger rhonda's things differently and then aged accused to be i'm none of this bull's all i wanted to is freaking out differences that weeds diesel were grieve with well we don't put you get the he'll send the fact that we put them on doesn't mean we endorse it at all but that's not what the show with view offbeat argue with every guest i've never put on the year i can do this was michael one i have decided to make the show informational shows you can make of you online when users but i'm not going to muffle somebody because i don't agree with is not going to happen chesapeake lush doom reasons some nasa means one from nobody lawrenson lethem fears stacy cohen with the daily consumer on xm satellite radio well the feds would like to see a little more privacy online federal trade commission says online data brokers should have to show consumers the information they collected about them you could hold your breath and wait for this data and by that it's not something we recommend should you half the turnover your facebook passport is part of a job interview to us senators don't think south and they're demanding a justice department investigation into what seems to be common practice these days what's the worst thing you can do if you're at risk for heart ailments mile there's a new study it says it may be to eat highfat foods avoiding carbs his pretty popular with those trying to lose weight at the study finds that eating fatty foods like most meet it can kyw's changes that heightened your risk of heart attack soap sale oda bake kids now donate to kids they've got fat on him until they grow up and at eat that broccoli that's what's good for you i'm stacy cohen learn more at consumer things dot com his anyone he told you about coast to coast to coast to coast is one of those programs that deals with strange mysteries we'll look at big foot we'll look at you will folds we'll look at real science and will also look at conspiracies and what it all means to you.

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