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Map. It's 7 42 Now. Sports First Here's Erica Herskowitz. Okay, Tanya. Well, it's been talked about for quite some time. But perhaps change could finally becoming for the Redskins organization. The team's title sponsor. FedEx is requesting the team change. Its name of the franchise has been called the Redskin since 1933. Nike, which supplies the NFL with uniforms and sideline gear removed Redskins merchandise from its website yesterday, the NFL announced to be playing, lift every voice and sing prior to the national anthem before week one. James this fall. Lift every voice and sing is why'd you known as the black anthem. Nine More NBA players tested positive for the Corona virus, bringing the total number of positive tests 25 out of the 350 won that were tested. The MBA, scheduled to resume its season in Orlando in just four weeks. Meanwhile, the MBA held a conference call yesterday to discuss hosting a second bubble in Chicago for the eight teams who won't be going to Orlando. That includes the Knicks, who reportedly ditch that call, though to interview Jason Kidd for their vacant head coaching position. The Knicks expected to have a new coach in place by the end of the month. The Mets officially begins summer camp at Citi Field today. Hitting coach Chili Davis, though, will not be attending, and he may not be there when the 60 game regular season begins, either. Davis will work remotely. Instead, the sale of the Mets will soon be entering its final stage. According to reports. Final bids are expected by Thursday. July night, The Yankees begin their summer camp in Yankee Stadium tomorrow. New ace Gerrit Cole was in the building yesterday, throwing live batting practice to Aaron Judge Aaron Hicks and Luke Voight at Yankee owner Health. Steinbrenner says he expects to have fans in the seats at some point this season. He says that he's had many conversations with Governor Cuomo and Ticketmaster over the last month and expects to have 20 to 30% capacity. The fans are indeed allowed to attend. Erica Herskowitz, WCBS 80 sports Right now get five.

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