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Talk joining me in studio political analyst bill crane and reporter gleich great blue sting from the Atlanta journal constitution Charles joins us on the show Charles your big take away from the testimony today the big take away from mia's mother live now I'm not saying Russia and other countries have that haven't tried to interfere in our in our election everybody seems to forget about October of two thousand sixteen with president Obama said there was no way that Russia can interpret my last election that let me let me stop you right click what you said Miller lives a lot about what exactly because if president Obama say there's no way that Russia can interfere and I lex it is impossible so the the we're gonna say Obama lied and mother told the truth although not very old Muller told the truth and bomb alive they can you can't have it both ways so you're calling that you're you're saying that mall is alive or not Obama then of course this is this is a colluded player in that the democratic put together because they allow China also I believe that I believe the investigation bill Crain started before the election right this was the start I mean the origins election might be in question but the events and we started before our Miller joined in twenty sixteen yeah remote jointed in process and twenty seventeen and and to your point Sir there are multiple instances that we know of of other foreign agents in government attempting as far back as George Washington including the British to influence US elections what was more as mark has said earlier on the show it was the coordinated planned systemic effort primarily through social media places like Facebook and fake news to influence voter opinion and behavior that was unique about this cycle Greg listing from a line of journal constitution about thirty second Sir today's testimony what does this do to Robert Maulers legacy do you think that's a great question I mean a he's never wore short test right I mean Democrats hope to see them as is see if your figure a few months ago before his report came out I think I think that's kind of camp down a lot of Republicans you know what kind of turned the opinion of.

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