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And founded connecticut over last five minutes. Yeah some you get some nice vanilla out of. That's that's taken away from bourbon barrels that come out in this and it's beautiful. It's just a nice refreshing light news as we mentioned in the last one. That was refreshing. One well this one is different a whole different pal. But i don't know why they would think this bs for a mixture. Because i don't i think anything that they mix it with. I was talking earlier that it would probably overpower this whiskey. You know i think of. You're mixing it unless you mix it with like you know like a soda or something. It's a heavier style than the necas days in that you've got more of that serial note to it. This is like at first. I thought oatmeal my smelling fresh oatmeal. Like not before you cook it and this is barley green. This is this is just a an we talked about before. If you listen to our john all shows they use a six row barley rather than to robotic they use in scotland which gives it a more citrus zest to the nose but this is more like a raw barley. It's very nice you know. But that's why. I say that that would mix while but you don't want you don't think we need. We need to make some cocktails tonight. Well no but. I think it would be fine just like it is i mean why would you wanna. I think unless you unless you're putting it with the mixing in like a soda. I think you're going to overpower the flavors of this case. I think this this coming from goa. India south india on the indian ocean. Fricken hot dude. So you're you drink in this on the dribble to the pool. This is one part whiskey. Four parts club soda with ice. Yeah this is deidra anchor by the pool or by the ocean. Yeah i feel that you know so nice mellow someone that doesn't overpower it. One dash bidders. They don't even need that. You're not mixing dr pepper dead. Maybe maybe a club soda and a little bit dash high ball. But yeah. it's the nika days neat. But this i would put all this but i think it's to what you can use it for as far as what the mixologist their love. Those guys are making some nice fancy drinks stuff that you give it to. Yeah well. I guess that's why they made it see what can happen with it dressing. I agree with brent. I would love to see. What a good mixologist could do this. That's what i said. He said mix can do anything. I challenge brennan. Brent denies them. I appreciate the recap and you're tasting note. Justin got pears and apples on the nose Along with the caramel bourbon. Not serial that that stock up to me. you know. there's something in there. But i don't really know if i would classify it as cereal out. Give him more pair near dad and on the pal is like nice sweet. I probably mix this with something Like hot sauce as part of it. What else what say spice man. There's like five hundred spicy. Us hundred saying if i was gonna make a drink with this it'd be like some kind of like a hobby neuro- base home. How call what was that. Sound factor in here on. Performs make it. Y'all blow your mind. Lord have mercy lovely way refreshing Very sweet but with a little bit of a saw salty edge to it really well made. I think this will be a big seller. I think that I think this would make fantastic eyeball. I think they're probably selling the heck out of this japan right now. Gray whiskey get it in the store. And i'm not. I'm not surprised. Because i mean when when paul john i i mean they had just gotten to the us and really had just set up their first office and hired their first employees. When i called them and said hey. I heard about this amazing whiskey. Can we get some from our show and it took him a while to even get it to us because they didn't have any in states yet. So we've been doing. Paul johnson's they would really hit the us shores and everything. We've had for them as always been great. I i mean they haven't had a clunker yet so i'm not surprised. And even though it's designed to be a you know a less expensive you know Whiskey still the quality's there. I mean i love the. I love this bottle to buy. It's i mean it's it's don't get me wrong. It's certainly not their higher ones. You know. I mean but for for the money. Yeah great. Great everyday drinker. Great value can't beat it so we're going to be reading the pol. John nevada three steps. Well done guys so moving onto our next. We're gonna have justin tell us about that. Glenn meringgi a tale of cake. And more angie angie a tale of cake. You're gonna find that connery clip again. Maybe where mercy ninety two proof and forty six percent alcohol by volume one day glenmore angie's director of landing margie director whiskey creation. Dr bill lumpkin van themselves musing over. How some of his moist. So i was giving him fantastic and faces a chiming with dr bill. Okay so he was musing over his most joyful memories and figured out they came from cake from the pineapple upside down cake. His daughter made birthday to baking with his granny in her kitchen. Dr bill created a tale of cake to conjure the magic of a cake moment. Finishing his favourite glenn meringgi single malt. He's still can't get it. The finest takagi dessert wine cats tokai. I it's spelled tokaj but come on guy you should know you're bulgarian. Bulgarian all right so on the nose. I god vanilla cake. Frosting like caramel and mango on the pallet. It was sweet. It was complex and there was honey white chocolate peach pear mango little bit of oak and The finish was light. This is like a beautiful desert in a spirit. But you think brent nice you know so when you When you think of something of a cake as tale cake you know you figure the. Come through this better. Remind me of a cake and this really does remind you of a cake. I mean you know when the penalties what's that this is several cakes will walking by a bakery and and seeing all the different smell. I mean the tasting notes that come with this is like eighteen lines of tasting notes so what it tastes like the. I don't think that's bad because as you approach this every time you drink every time you have a drink of it and you get something else you pick up something else you know but because i got the the the pair that peach mango the almond vanilla like right off the ballot. Oh and just like a beautiful cake and then you go back again and you pick up something else. Should pick up a little bit of white chocolate or you'll pick up some peach or you know you'll pick up. One of the flowers are apricot or something. But but it all comes back to reminding you and you think about it from his tail of this of the cake that he's you know that used to enjoy and so the name of it who doesn't cake right exactly that cake so exactly so it comes back to actually matches the you know. The flavor of this actually matches what the name says and that doesn't happen too often. Six numbers away from burning this house to the ground. Moving to sky when going to work for dr bill for free and learning how to make my own scotch. When i do. I'm gonna have bob's tale of ice cream cake. I'm gonna make a scotch tastes like carville with crunchies. Ooh one time. I was how the pumpkin.

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