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The interior of the amazon van. I was in order. One hundred thousand of them but that was over nine audiences so nearest ten thousand a year not the highest run right if is a linear extrapolation of course but it might ramp up towards the end but one hundred thousands of big number but really ten is having a massive vehicle submerged knife. Fulltime zinc phosphate. Coating is a pretty impressive feat though for company yet to deliver a single customer vehicle. Veon -til the one s up towards evolution in the show notes right headlines stories today from ultimate news year of jockeying landrover is close to announcing plans to source batteries for their vase from the uk. The co new cotr towed financial times. Check your landrover. Taking control of key. Parts like micro processes and indeed batteries as they overhaul less supply chain that police sends shivers up the spine of anyone in the supply chain. He told the financial times well news. You're reporting the blurry telling the t. That batteries will be as critical in the future as engine making is today and the your land rover is exploring all possibilities by batteries for their release. You know my opinion. And i'm not the one signing checks but the tighter control you have the more vertically integrated you have on your supply chain even going back to the mine. I'm serious going to put you in a much better position. Batteries of the new goals without batteries. We haven't got and it's not as easy as just going to the marketplace. Buying some off the shelf because the marketplace is still figuring itself out for a start and many have followed tesla in many cases going right back to the mind but certainly making their own batteries from cells. They buy oil many cases buying their own or building their own cells and building their own gigafactory to make them see. Vw well sourcing. Batteries from uk based plum is favorite scenario at jog. Your landrover outing the companies in final discussions with a handful of battery manufacturers about pond. Location the jugular brand goes all electric from twenty twenty-five landrover making sixty percent of sales zero emissions by twenty thirty. That seems late to me to go six out of ten days by the year. Twenty thirty doesn't seem ambitious enough. Hey once again. I'm not the one signing the paychecks to keep the payroll running late. Do what they're going to jack. You're landrovers only full electric model. Spa the jagua. I pay stunning car. Had one from a month from onto last year. will continue for several years. They'll be new derivatives but it won't be replaced the j. the range rover and the land rover defender will at some point. Get old electric versions. But he wouldn't say when linked towards european show nights next national grid of the first major. Us utility to commit to going electric in their fleet vehicles. National grid is electrifying. Six thousand vehicles in the uk in the us and by the white. We had graham cooper From the national grid on the podcast last saturday at you haven't listened. Go back listening in the archive because it's a fascinating saturday. Special interview runs almost an hour. He's a super brain and explain it in layman's terms. It's a rescue now. National grades which is electrifying. Almost three thousand of that fleet in the uk and the same again in the us instills charging sites in the uk. And we'll add three thousand charges for that. Fleets vehicles and fourteen hundred points already deployed in the us national grid also joining the ev one hundred initiative and becoming the first major us utility to commit to going electric and their fleet rights next green car dot com website. They say the utility operates fifty. That's five oh medium and heavy duty electric five not pure electric electrified vehicles while replacing the company passenger cows with puree via running trials of electric construction equipment and electrified bucket trucks. Okay note to self off. The podcast giggle was an aerial bucket. Truck is but it sounds intriguing. Right coming off the coming up on the podcasts. Saying we'll be looking at the type of people buying eve as why tessler in china are launching energy storage solutions and the us government confirming the bleeding. Obvious stick around now. Let's talk about battery swapping any us e. n. n s. any awesome ample partnering to launch battery swapping service. It's a us-based stocks up in which is also an investor an ample believe strongly in battery swapping that collaboratively launching battery swapping in of all places japan and doing it with a robot subtle. Go down well with the japanese. According to engine technology international dot com websites through the collaboration by companies going to develop energy delivery service freebies by creating a battery swapping station to provide a fast and convenient way of changing batteries at an effective price. Point they say with renewable energy becoming increasingly important battery swapping stations will also be used. As a large stationary battery themselves is contributes to optimization of energy utilize a equalization and the batteries can be used as an emergency power source. The way i think about battery storage if you have anything. This works in countries where there's a lot of infrastructure like norway. All people out living in large built up areas in other words. They have all fried parking on josh venite but if you live in a built up area look the cities in china by trooping. Really really popular hasn't really taken off anywhere else yet. Might work in japan if you haven't got off road parking or it's not convenient to install charging way your own lives overnight aka or work when it's not moving battery swapping can work pretty well and the reasons that it's great is because if you have a battery swap station that's holding maybe twenty. Thirty fifty batteries. That in itself is a big energy store and also those batteries never get dc false charged because they come out of your car in theory empty. They go on charge in the battery staw station on. Ac slow charging three or seven kilowatts. Whatever they charge often slowly overnight when the grid is cleaner and cheaper and then go back another car that makes the batteries last longer. Great for battery health great for charging costs as well and avoid utah. Coming up to a dc false charging station whacking in one hundred and fifty two hundred two hundred and fifty kilowatts of power massive cooling going into that as well premature aging the battery. When you do stuff lot of energy with internal resistance in batteries it might a lot of sense in many ways even though so many people doubt battery swapping will have a takeoff. Let's talk about the type of people who buy electric vehicles all of the fifteen thousand davies made by south korean carmakers and sold in south korea last year in two thousand and twenty people in their fifties with the biggest purchasers according to accounting for about twenty percent of all sales site in south korea. This research was done finding out those with a bit more disposable income than later in life lakes in career I've got the money to buy electric vehicles. Twenty percent of all sales. According to data from korea automobile manufacturers association going.

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