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It's good and it's in the right direction but once you start moving on it you realize that there is like a ton of hair on it right like there's just all these things you haven't considered all these complexities that you haven't put together. And then like no. What the businesses or the non profit or artistic project. It's always just like longer. You assume at first you know. We always underestimate what we can do in three years. And overestimate what we can do in one and you know like i definitely think that you know like for us our with our summit journey we were always really open with are dumb ideas in fact we celebrated them and then you know someone would catch us you know about that talking about it and then give their interpretation or what could work even better and so i think that additive process of like getting to get into a cycle with other people that think entrepreneurially is really really helpful and like the truth is is that most people are risk adverse. You know and like most people that are successful. Pay someone else to help them with their investments to be risk adverse for them right. So it's it makes me happy to hear you talking about you. Know the type of psychographic that you're looking for in the entrepreneurs that you support back was a good point for you. I mean i would turn the question over to you to you. Have seen more founders than than any anybody really. You've created assembled. Such incredible group founders. That was the genesis of summit. Do you see some attributes that you didn't maybe didn't even know at that point. The that's what everybody embodied because at heart tell the bathwater is one. If you're in it have you think about that. Can you identify that energy now. Better because you're around it so much. I would say it's just so different. You said risk tolerance. I was such a cowboy in. So i also am you know hesitant about recommending high high risk tolerance. I almost see it more like being comfortable with being naive in like one. You have to be naive enough to like go into the business and then when you talk to people both your potential customers potential advisors to find the questions that you need the answers to you. Don't know what to ask right like you've just never been down the path. There's like people who've been the game thirty years like you haven't seen shit. There's just no way you could so you know that that beginner's mind that willingness to share what you need like if you said like hey jeff Great to talk to you everything's awesome. It's like okay. Well what is there for me to do in this relationship. Like if you're not willing to say like hey i don't know how to solve this thing and then i'll be like. Oh man i can't wait till like be actually useful and beneficial and you know keep it sorta this triangulation of goodwill this favor economy moving forward in an ecosystem. I love that founder. Economy that's a great way of putting it. We we try to invest portfolio of givers. Because if you have this reciprocity amongst that group of people it's only net positive so we You're absolutely right. They're always going to be individualistic people. Who win. But i think in the long term if you're investing in people who know how to get back to that community it's just a longer term view boy and it's more fun and the seizure and like you don't have to do all the work yourself and i wonder if it's different times in people's lives do like you're more individualistic when you're earlier or maybe not because need more sport and then as you as you get older you understand that it's a long life. Why love the the term that infinite game you know like infinite games. They never end. There's not like a beginning to end a winner and loser and you know. I think if you take the sport metaphor like you're mentioning you know fit. I you want to hit the game. Winning shot be the star player. And then you're like man that's really not scalable like you can build stone. Buildings not skyscrapers where you're the key man or woman because like your time isn't scalable so then you have to learn a whole other skill set which is like managing strategy scaling a business and then you realize that like there's just always a factor above the sport or the game that think the iran. So i've just i. That's my favorite part of the entrepreneurial. Journey is just like you know. Kind of like inner discipline multidimensional multidimensional chess in the sense. You know it's like just just the most fun most sort of intellectually challenging game and like there's physical limitation if you're if you're lucky you know like certainly like there's there's if you if you if you don't have any sort of mental issues like you you don't you know we all cap out in. Pro athletes are really pro. Athletes like they are top. One percent physical human specimens to begin with the mental game in. Oh so so you know for us for all of us. You know human humans out here you know. This is the thing i'll say. Is that like plenty of like not that brilliant people that are way more successful than us like it's not a direct correlation with having to be like a genius or having to be like the most likeable person in the room. Plenty of very normal people that have had a good idea and absolutely crushed the game. I agree. I think if one quality that i that i think is is just massive insatiable desire to grow it's just constant growth and roast is not is not always comfortable right but i think we and i see this company can only grow as fast as the human. So you asked me about meditation to like if you're on a journey of self actualization you're constantly going to be asking curious asking those questions. Every investor talks about it in different way curious you know rapid Raider growth whatever it is but it's really the quality that you don't know anything in this moment you less than you did ten minutes ago. It's still asking that question all the time yup totally and for you what what are you. What are you seeking at this point like. What are the things that you hope to bring more of into your life because a bunch of it i think by personal impersonal. Why is really picking stock in people. It's it's how can you give resources to people who think are best suited to be the catalyst to bring us into fruition. There's nothing more satisfying than backing somebody with. Nobody else sees it yet. And if you really good at this for for multiple decades. So i could kidding myself here. But i've more than once felt that gratification of understanding. Somebody's value before the society proves it out social for it and giving them the resources to be able to build on it. And then you know the x. So satisfying i love it. And so if there's any way that i can play in small part in being a boost for for that genesis of an idea coming to fruition being company s why is the commercial aspect of how to do that as a job And i also love to see what new things entrepreneurs are tackling. When i started investing when i started adventure impact. Investing wasn't even a thing. I was investing in now. The leapfrog that where it's just if they really conscious founder In on paper what are some of the most successful investments that you guys have made so far like what are some of the standout companies. That's a good question we have. We've known the founders of skin for a long time invest in their company weep on kevin minhsiu from news. she's also part of community. We seated varela stages of a company called current which is smart banking platform. That's grown phenomenally. Well a lot of our companies are still early. So they're not household names yet but they're getting their tiny organics is a baby focusing on or a great. Oh when i'm very excited about. Its paloma health and their digital health platform for testing and diagnosing viral challenges. You know they've created incredible community based healthcare plan for an increasingly diagnosed disease and.

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