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The year Hank Greenberg. Eight homers to lead the major leagues. He batted three fifteen scored one, hundred, forty, three runs drove in one, hundred, forty, seven. And had an opioid of one point one to two if that means anything to you. If. It doesn't just know that it's very, very good. He meant something close to everything to Jewish Americans. Joe Dimaggio with Italian Americans but more so. Hank Greenberg was the Hebrew Hammer. Despite suffering all sorts of anti Semitic prejudice and abuse. He never ran away from his identity even when people freaked out when his Detroit Tigers lost game when he sat out YMCA poor. In every Jewish kid pouring over the box score in the Cleveland. Plain dealer while porn milk over the morning cereal. Nov The old timers shouting but baseball and Yiddish over the squealing brakes of the elevated trains Canal Street. New, the only reason Greenberg led the league in walks that same year because no, one would give them anything to hit. Because no one wanted to do to break Babe Ruth's home run record. The your hand Greenberg hit fifty eight homers. There was another Jewish hero known for his own astounding athletic feats though his fame didn't extend much beyond the orbit. But if you grew up in a cold water, flat and flat butcher remembered waking up to the sounds of guy selling pickles and sh-. Mata. Outside your tenement window and Riverton, you knew the mighty atom the beginning of his story wasn't all that different from your own. He was born Joseph Greenstein. In Poland. He had come to America fleeing program found work where he could. which in his case turned out to be Galveston Texas the oilfields. In. That's where his story. It starts to differentiate a touch from the standard tale of. Jewish. European migration in the early twentieth century. His boss became obsessed with his wife Leah. And wanted to Greenstein out of the picture. So we shot him. The ten paces. Right between the eyebrows and it did not kill him. Not only. Did it not kill him? The bull it it smushed. The. Doctors went into retrieve it and found the bullet right under his skin. Flattened against his skull. And Joseph Greenstein. Little Guy. Really five four. Gifted with an apparently Predator naturally card head. Found, a calling. Hit the Vaudeville circuit. told his story intense in fields in small towns But kids touch scar. And he built out his act by building up his body. He became the mighty atom strongman. The compact package with remarkable. Drove nails through would with his fists. Ben Straight metal rods into hardships who broke chains with his bare hands. In who among US deny his fans the metaphorical pleasures of watching a fellow Jew break chains with his hands. In the nineteen, thirty, eight, the year Hank Greenberg hit fifty eight home runs and walked one hundred, nineteen times. The mighty atom was packing them in in theaters all over New York. That year when pitchers started walking Hank Greenberg over and over as he got closer and closer to beating Babe Ruth's record. so He fell three short. The. Annexed Austria. German Jews were forced to register their assets than their businesses. Then, they were forbidden to practice medicine and then law. Then they were forced to get ID cards in present them on request. Then have their passports stamped with the red Jay. The Nazis burned the synagogue at Nuremberg. And Greenberg went two for five that day. Then, Jews of Polish descent were exiled from Germany right as baseball season ended. And then one thousand synagogues were set on fire on Kristallnacht. In seventy six destroyed as more than seven thousand Jewish owned businesses and Jewish. In more than one hundred Jewish people were killed. In thirty thousand were arrested sent off to concentration camps and those who remained were expelled from school in stripped of their businesses in their property as a winter came. The. Greenberg had one of baseball's greatest seasons while people shouted dirty Jew and Kaik and him from the stands. Membership in the German American bund was on the rise..

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