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Never watched one day at a time every year even reruns no there's an episode and you didn't realize it was nine years running long time had a good run you know that was where Eddie Van Halen fell in love with Valerie Bertinelli I did not Eddie Van Halen watch Valerie Bertinelli like on one day at a time that was obsessed with her I guess like you know thought she was just Barbara Cooper her character she was the she was one of the first as far as a young man I was in love with Barbara Cooper her character laughter love Barbara she was absolutely adorable so cute and but the first dog that we ever had because I never had a dog growing up until I was an eighth grader and we name the dog Schneider after Pat Harington's character who is a great character by the way M. S. Romano he would call love he was call Bonnie Franklin's character M. S. Romano because she was one a divorce say one of the first divorce say characters on on mainstream TV by the way at the time you know tonight at six eastern time free Pacific the E. sports GT series continues shift your Sunday into gear as a leading erases put their virtual driving skills to the test on CBS sports network and my buddy bill checks in he says how bout at Becky full house to the big house full house to the big house now I have the I think that they should steal bill's idea that should be the that should be a documentary twenty twenty special well it's two months two months she has to spend two months in the big house now will somebody do that be there doing Popeye impersonations I get get get get get get get get get get Dave Coulier whatever happened to my freedom now I gotta go go to a community showers this is terrible that's terrible that's.

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