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This next story is about an unsolved crime one small item one giant loss for the hometown of neil armstrong on friday ally twenty that around twenty three fifty nine hour or department where he received a burglar alarm at the armstrong air and space museum buffalo located at five hundred apollo drive here in the city walk kanada that's in ohio by the way this is police chief russell hun lock on their arrival officer did fine an entry worth game kuta museum and it was discovered that eight lunar earn model replica were taken a replica of the lander that carried neil armstrong to the surface of the moon in nineteen sixty nine all all by up recur america guard your work out golkar her car park earlier prettier the french jeweler cartier was commissioned to mark the achievement by making models of a lander one for each of the three astronauts on the apollo eleven mission the models of 5 high four and a half inch of square solid gold now armstrong gave his to the museum bearing his name in 1974 chris burden is now the executive director there he says the community is outraged by the theft they really have given the expression as though they were robbed or their city was robbed of their community was wrong and so we are here in walk kanana in it it's great to have this connection police chief russell hamanaka's pretty bond about it to the on a very disheartening situation for us and we want to get the ball to finish off or he asks for anyone with information to come forward the ohio bureau of criminal investigation and the fbi are helping with case perfect in imf and.

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