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I R O F M. Tacoma, Seattle or on the president's treatment for Pope in 19 coming up, But first Piper radio real time traffic Here's Tracy Taylor. Let's look a travel times right now. Heather 48 minutes Olympia to Tacoma to come into Olympia as well. 48 minutes. It's busy. Both directions of I five around joint base, Lewis McChord, but I'm also Keeping an eye on the drive on self five from Highway 18 past. The Tacoma Dome has for your fairies right now, on the record in San Juan, a fairy run we're running 25 to 60 minutes behind schedule. That's from the fog this morning. I'm also looking at some hour wait times departing, Michael T. Oh, it sounds like we've got a about a two hour wait. As you depart Edmonds this afternoon here in Seattle. We're still stuck on south on a five from just after 85th through downtown. And not that bad. Heading up sounds that are Hill North and 167 at 405. You gotta crash there that's in the center lane crawling on north and 405 just out of Bellevue and heading into Kirkland. I'm not talking like downtown Bellevue. But just outside of 5 20. It's definitely on the slower side. Getting closer to the 52 to merge. Traffic is brought to you by impossible foods. The tailgate may have turned into a home gate. Even still enjoy grilling. Delicious, juicy burgers and possible burger is meat made from plants for people who love meat, finding possible burgers in your local grocery store. Cairo Radio Real time traffic I'm Tracy Taylor. Now from the Cairo Radio News Center at my northwest dot com As you heard on CBS News President Trump, who has coping 19 has now been hospitalized. Dr..

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