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Kimmel, likes news, time is ten oh three I'm, Maria kina two floors and residents are the victims of yesterday's drownings on the Merrimack river Kasowitz state park metro west fire divers recovered the bodies of twelve, year old, Denise Johnson in thirty five old. Rochon from the river around. Nine thirty last night three others in the river with the victims were rescued by nearby citizens longtime Highland police chief and public safety director Terry bell has passed, away bell served the city of Highland for ten years before that he spent, twenty years with the city of Collinsville bell battled cancer for two years earlier. This month the highlands city council named Terry Ramilia to serve, as interim police chief Lieutenant Chris. Conrad will be permanent new police chief after, three months, of command school at the southern Illinois police institute at the university. Of Louisville the search for missing Maryland heights woman. Has ended in Saint, Charles county police say Sharon Lynn Stored has been found she had. Been missing since Friday afternoon when. A transportation service dropped her off on. Walden spring. Parkway police were concerned because Stewart suffers from health issues and did not have her medication KOMO news time is ten oh four, a check of our PGA traffic and this, report is sponsored by lions choice slow roasted in Saint Louis famous everywhere for westbound forty drivers now you're starting to build some volume gay Mason to Maryville, center in, that exited at Maryvale center is. Getting a little bit heavy. To in both directions for westbound forty four drivers building volume as well as you make your way toward one forty one and then at the outer road forty, four the north outer forty four road they're still in good shape this shuttle, buses are still running of course play underway now for a few hours and. For southbound two seventy drivers as you make your way up, through Marcia we're not seeing any. Kind of delays whatsoever it's on the go, right now, southbound And. Also past forty four you're in pretty good shape northbound to seventy it's just volume from olive up through the do again this report sponsored by lions choice slow roasted in, Saint Louis famous everywhere our forecast today sunshine with a high of ninety degrees overnight. Lows sixty nine and tomorrow mostly, sunny and, ninety one, right now sunshine eighty, degrees humidity is at sixty. Six percent of the wind is, calm it's, seventy nine and Olivetti seventy in high ridge and eighty in town and country it's time for sports on a Sunday the Mike she'll show starting now with Mike. Kelly Camelot's news time ten oh. Five.

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