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And vote to convict We get a recap of closing arguments from CBS the Skylar Henry beginning with remarks from the ex president's attorney, Michael Vander Wien. Mr Trump did not spend the weeks prior to January. 6 inciting violence. Spent those weeks pursuing his election challenge to the court system and other legal procedures. Lead House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin also said President Trump reveled in the riot and took no action to stop it as he further incited the mob during the attack, aiming it at Vice President Mike Pence himself. Feeling to quell it in either of his roles. As commander in chief. Or his real role that day insider in chief. In the end, senators voted 57 to 43 in favor of impeachment. But that was 10 votes shy. Of the 67 votes needed to convict. After the verdict, Trump released a statement renewing his claims that he was the target of what he's turned the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. The former president, also accusing his opponents are forgetting that almost 75 million people voted to reelect him in November, but that was seven million fewer votes than President Biden. Run a virus cases falling across the country, which is allowing officials to scale back some restrictions. Several states relaxing restrictions this Valentine's Day weekend amid seemingly optimistic coronavirus trends starting Sunday in New York, the restaurant curve you extending an hour to 11, p.m. and right now in New York City, indoor dining, returning it 25% capacity. Montana now the latest state to lift its mask mandates. ABC is Trevor all to reporting A growing number of local elected officials on Cape Cod, adding their voices to criticism of the Baker administration's vaccine rollout. Here's WBC's Tim done this after a group of over 20 State lawmakers criticized the vaccine roll out this week. But down in the cave, which has the largest senior population in Massachusetts, with more than 27,000 residents over 75 years old. Distribution has been as low as 975 doses per week to Barnstable County. On Thursday. Kate caught state Senator Julian Seer criticized Governor Baker saying he continues to leave the Cape, unable to access the vaccine on Friday found with town manager Julian Suso sent a letter to the governor, saying the current allocation of vaccines to the region is quote woefully inadequate, adding that over 4000 found with residents are over the age of 75. The Army's Board of Selectmen also penned a letter to the governor, citing the low distribution the Barnstable County and the lack of a mass vaccination site on Cape Cod. Tim done WBZ, Boston's news radio, and a new study takes up the issue of getting Children what they currently do not have, which is an effective covert 19 vaccine of the two vaccines currently available in the United States. Neither is recommended for Children under 16 in the UK Oxford University, announcing its extending the study of its cove in 19 vaccine with AstraZeneca..

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