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still get them on demand as soon as they're ready to go we we post them and you can watch them on demand if you're a subscriber please TV do you watch Steve and his program very very enlightening really super super smart very very ethical and when it comes to politics I don't know of a better person on our network then Steve dais I wanted to bring him on today and have a little more the conversation we had last night as the the polls were closing Steve you I thought you were a little pessimistic and and I'm not sure I understand what you think is coming now with the Democratic Party because you don't see a way out for a road to healing between you know those super left in the regular liberal I don't think there is a road to healing and I think the actions of this party in the last forty five days land indicate that they realize that and what they did all right here going back to it was a week ago Jim Clyburn endorsed a Joe Biden any exit polling in South Carolina almost half of the black voters Joe Biden received certain were influenced by that endorsement I have in the modern era I have not seen a number like that I've never seen anything like that so it's interesting if I'm wrong Steve because I said that earlier today I've never seen you know they used to call Bill Clinton the comeback kid this was like weird really fast and for not a lot of good reasons at least on the surface going he won four maybe five states last night and and and most of them decisively Joe Biden did he never visited he never campaigned any never advertised at stand that's unprecedented because what you're what you're seeing right now is something I'm gonna use that work for a third time unprecedented we're seeing the old prior to nineteen seventy two when the old conventions in smoke filled rooms prior to the modern primary system you're saying this now how this how this stuff used to be decided before I was born in when you were a little kid this is for this is how the stuff used to be decided but now it's being determined out in the open on social media the national media is coordinating this message with the Democratic Party and you're watching the entire Democratic Party apparatus go beyond putting its thumb on the scale they are literally working it out come in and use that word on purpose I need if you were if you were in competition in the league with somebody and you found out that league was working directly with that person to have them teach you what would you call it certainly not gamesmanship you're beyond that and and and the only question is why they're doing it gland either it's because they're so desperate to be trumped that they'll risk in mortgage their future that's typically how the Republican Party roles no mortgage their future to win this election because when you look at Bernie's numbers among Hispanics particularly the younger you go that's the party's future date risks angering them or did they realize that Bernie has to go we're gonna do this if we went to the same policies about who wins we cannot let Bernie Sanders out there and message us as socialists and so be it as opposed to the way we've been lied to the American people for the last thirty years it's one of those there but here's the thing the progress I truly believe Steve that the progressive era as we know it as it was set up in the twenties and thirties is over you know at the beginning of the progressive era there was this fight on do we have a bloody revolution and just get it over with or do we slowly make that move that transition everybody decided America doesn't want a bloody revolution well there comes a point to where the system is so hobbled by progressivism that it is not a true capitalist and constitutional Republic and it's not a Soviet state it's nothing and so you have to make I think this is why so many people including Donald Trump want this debate with Bernie Sanders and they want to just decided because yep that's really where we are we're we're deciding between a constitution a constitutional Republic and a Soviet style state so which is it going to be the Democrats are only dragging out the pain here that we have there's no future after Joe Biden it is either a remake of the Democratic Party and a and a true one one that re points there're other compass back towards a Republic just a big state Republic like at like Sweden actually is or the communist revolutionary and I don't see anybody pointing it towards a Democratic Republic so what is what's the long term game plan here I think the long term game plan is that some of this is desperation I think you've seen this with some of the corporate executives or longtime Clinton aide says that words have been sounding off about Sanders and Elizabeth Warren before I think some of the chickens are coming home to roost for them I think that they've used a lot of this class warfare progressive cultural Marxist language to you know put down audiences like it to your show invited others to get power over them to win elections in the end they just want to shake the system down every bit as much as the corporatist Republicans they claim to oppose and now they're now they're realizing that oh no we can't put the genie back in the bottle the Peace Corps you know we told them Hey just started you know where it will be pipers would make sure we're the ones playing the tune in now all of a sudden a new generation of the merchants alike you know thank you I will take it from here and I think a lot of that internal struggle is with those kinds of Democrats you don't have really any belief system other than can I use government to get what I want in life period end of sentence we're just in the gangster government and I think now they're now they're pitted against their own base and then they may get their way in this nomination fight but in the long run they're on the wrong side of history with where this qualities trajectories number so what happens next Steve I think what happens next is that the democratic you know I go back to the first interview you what I did on this process started in Iowa January of twenty nineteen and I said you got a big dilemma the Democratic Party was gonna have to she doesn't want to have the election of twenty twenty eight and twenty thirty two or the election of two thousand and twenty and and so that's really what's being debated right now with the Biden lugar propping him up that he is a proxy vessel for what I have to twenty twenty election Bernie Sanders is based on your own and and culminate mysteries you were just describing that that money's gonna win the argument this is a matter of this site well it's just a matter of whether they win in this primary or not perfect I I would argue they've already won it by virtue of how far he's already gotten in their party the real debate I believe is on the Republican side because the Republican Party wants to offer up as an alternative to do some kind of laws are you pro corporate test but you know at neovia whole capitalistic you know kind of goulash little bit of everything we're just not Marxist anything in history is always won by the side that believes that most of the conviction of their own cars so scary I think you've got to figure out its brain doesn't want to be a constitutionalist party or doesn't want to be a corporatist one because in the end you can't be you know are you can't beat a T. bone with goulash what so who is in more trouble in twenty twenty four Republicans or Democrats let's say trump wins unquestionably unquestionably Republicans why why because the Republican Party if you look at the candidates that were running it across the country last night that contested primaries look at the candidates opposing Jeff sessions of Alabama he's essentially a uniform Auburn football coach is actually out there he's a construct of the chamber of commerce that the people running the Republican Party think the trump era with the tantrum I went in one truck and and trump is the out liar and we goes away all this populism and we want to save our country and all this stuff will go away and everybody will just go back to the net Matt McCain bush dynasty you know we've we've we've got our own side of K. street and and and they think that the people running this party think that they're waiting trump out and I think that's why the Republican Party is the one that it's far more imperilled the battle is determined on the democratic side your children are going to outlive the parents okay it's just a matter of when they get a hold of their inheritance I think the real battle is on the Republican side so what should we be doing well I think this is been a real struggle for us because we're we're pitted here when we were every every election now since we're honestly at that station what we are up against on the left you feel like you cannot afford to lose a single election people on the other hand that makes you feel not put you in a position where in place of them you're putting people in power that really don't value their belief system that is going to take to defeat the left at the exact same time it is that it is a catch twenty two I'm not really sure what the political solution is and that's one of my show it's it's moral and spiritual revival or bust I mean what else look how quickly a hold of millions of democratic voters in twenty four hours were herded by their media what but we can't get that ten days ago was dead and being mocked and laughed off the debate stage those are simple they just ordered them like cats yesterday I I know super Tuesday boats and that's where a lot of the American mindset is what separated from you know what a bridge really made America exceptional and and what the country was found on in the Democratic Party is completely tethered against that now okay so you don't believe that that you you do believe that they were they need almost like free will is going away in some ways.

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