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For which one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and Justice for all. Hi, I'm Caitlyn Rogers asking you to support my dad, John Rogers to continue as our state Representative. When asking my dad, what his role is as a state Representative. He said it is to represent everyone. No matter their political party age race, gender or religion. He is our voice in Columbus. And it is his job to create in vote on legislation that has beneficial to all of us, please vote for my dad state Representative John Rogers paid for by the friends of John Rogers. The moment. The workday is over your daily responsibilities have been met slip off and you live at. End of day. That's the relief. You'll feel when you rest on the body soothing serenity made locally at the original mattress factory relief from middle man markups and a hard day's work. The original mattress factory thoughtfully made. Honestly priced original mattress dot com. When you buy a mattress from retail store that mattress is being sold for the second time. What do I mean? Well, the manufacturer sells the mattress to the retailer who in turn sells it to you with costs and markups for both parties. At the original mattress factory. We have our own factory right here at our store. So the mattress you buy is being sold for the first and only time, that's why our prices are hundreds less than the mainstream mattress brands. Stop by one of our factory locations or visit us at originalmattress dot com. To see for yourself. Mondays with Maltin journal to live from two bucks restaurant. Join us for. Sportsnight pradier. I'm integrity radio. One zero one point five FM thirteen thirty AM on your mobile devices. Radio dot com..

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