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The infield that the expensive dominic smith because when jose reyes starts then that if he starts at third and that means woolmer forest starts at first then that means dom smith sets you are play wilmer and showcase in potentially for trade or showcase let wilmer play every day and see if once and for all i don't know maybe maybe that bat can't you just see it don't you just see it mike fliegelman you know this is going to be true wilmer flores is going to leave the mets somehow there needs either train them away now whatever it is and he will mark my words justin turner he won't be as good defensively obviously is turner ended up with the nationals but would it surprise you at all if he gets traded to some team or ends up on some other team next season and wilmer flora's ends up being the next bat that left the mets and ended up being like a high impact bat for another team absolutely not and he's a guy that i think a lot of mets fans already sense that they like him they wanna see him get the chance and i take a lot of calls here i would say one of the top three met calls is people who say they have to give wilmer chance if you let them go they say he'll be the next murphy murphy turner either way the point is that if they let him go somebody else will realize that they had something there and didn't plan that's something met fans call about all the time and you just can see we all can see it happening everybody you can see it happening i won't wouldn't surprise me at all so it makes no sense to me when jose reyes place shouldn't be playing let wilmer flores play third base every day let him get at bats.

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