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Plus whenever I see what's happening in certain places of our country such as Laguna beach. The citizens of Lugano look good Laguna beach in California Laguna beach wanna take the American flag off police cars, they think it sends the wrong message to legals, but good beach has lots collective minds. But those are the reasons why Trump will will be reelected normal Americans like me, and my producer Danny Gleeson living in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania. Michigan Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, Texas, we get the idea that gonna be. Beach does not really represent American values. If you live, and you're complaining Laguna beach about a police car they're having an American flag on the side. There's something wrong with you. There is something wrong with you. And they don't want to send the wrong message to legals. Credible. Let's continue later on. I have my favorite Wayne Allyn root, by the way. I'm gonna be on his on his Tuesday night, Newsmax TV show and spies up onto this point. But they invited me on us at of course, I'll go him coming up later also William gale, who's an expert on the federal budget deficit. If you listen to me for a long time, you understand a constant theme. With me the last fifteen years on Sunday night is that we cannot continue borrow money against the assets of our children and grandchildren to pay for present bills. We have a one trillion dollar almost annual deficit, and we have twenty two trillion dollars and national debt long term. What's the consequence of that? Because I fear that in the next six or seven eight years that number is going to be thirty trillion dollars, which cannot be fed. So let's continue. We'll go to Don. I Joel Jim we have two lines open eight six six six four seven seven three three seven. I'm with you tonight, only because of the brilliant. Of the American capitalistic medical system that incentivizes doctors and companies because the profits to gain new ways of doing things Honda's Chevrolets Fords. Chryslers Mitsubishi's are getting better every year because of capitalism is the pursuit of excellence to federal bureaucrats pursue excellence and everything they do eight two four eight two four and go home eight to four the reason, I'm with you tonight. Having had a Arctic valve replacement called a takeover is because of the brilliance of American capitalism. The only reason one hundred thousand of people just like me are going to have this procedure done regularly in the future can't happen today, unless you're in a trial because of the idea that Edwards life sciences and also Medtronic's investing in valves. They're investing in new ways of dealing with cancer because of capitalism, not because of socialist. Awesome. Not because of Bernie Sanders, but because people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and of course, myself twenty one minutes after the hour. Bill Cunningham, the great American live with you every Sunday night. News.

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