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Generation gap game. We're gonna ask each other trivia trivia questions about each other's careers about sort of pop culture of our generation we're gonna see who wins. Let's write your your career against my light. Nice graphics, though on MSG for those of you watching what's going to happen. And we're gonna ask each other alternating. Questions to see who knows more about the other. I'll be I won't be embarrassed. I guess if I lose. But well, you go ahead. Ask start me off the question. Let's see what the first question. Here we go who was the head coach of the Houston Oilers when I was drafted. That would be Jerry Glanville. That is incorrect. It was Hugh camp camp. He goes for the Edmonton eskimos, your your voice. Dick Williams was in here today. The coach for that franchise. It was Hugh Campbell. He is dismissed okay. Here's here's one for you. Okay. What quarterback through my first touchdown in the NFL? Hint. Zac claros? Incorrect. The hint is he's a regarded almost one hundred percent future hall of Famer hold on. Wait, Henry birthright, Hank births Hank for nineteen seasons or something in and finished off his career with great Cup. What is zero? We have a counter here's zero zero is okay. Here we go. What current radio personality was in my Houston Oilers draft class. That's a tough one. I want to say he was another wide receiver who got drafted along with you is that correct? No, give me the answer. Mike golic. She's mike. Golic was in my classes. Going on the radio with his son to that's right. Mike, mike. Yeah. I wonder if he's I wanted I wonder if he struggles like I do. All right. Your turn over to by the way. All right here, we go to or false. I was on the active roster for all forty of my collegiate games Cornell. I'm a say, I think he might have been. But I think you probably miss I'm saying, no false. It's true. Oh, forty forty games. Ten ten games for years. Which was a miracle because I was not injury-free. I can promise you that was stinks. All right. All right. Number three. How many hall of fame quarterback? Did I catch a pass from an actual NFL? Okay. I'm trying to think there's at least at least two. I'm going to say to to. Yeah. That's true. Jim Kelly and Warren Moon, Warren Moon, I was gonna say because I if I could've gotten in for one rep at wide receiver in the Pro Bowl. I'm going to be in the know about that though accounted. Yeah. All right. So you got one, okay. Who has the football from my only playoff touchdown in my career. Who's got that? Give me a hint. What what playoff game was? What was the Miami Dolphins? Don Shula's final game as head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Buffalo Bills in in. What was then Ralph c Wilson Rich Stadium? I caught a touchdown pass the Miami Dolphins. Is it Kyle? My cousin. Kyle got as pretty good. George gave my nephew still has it too. Okay. Crushed how many at Saint Francis. High school. How many Monsignor Martin championships tonight? Was I part of my four years. Two. That's correct too. I thought you were going to miss that one. Now, I got that. When he didn't you win like a freshman. No, junior senior junior senior. Yeah. We lost my freshman year. It was. Yeah. I remember. What's your voice name naming naming one? So my son I got a senior and freshman playing on the game enrich stadium. Saint francis. Playing against a Joe Saint Joe's naming for Bill and CFL placing name. Roosevelt catches the ball down the middle. And it was named Roosevelt a quarterback. And I know he caught it. No, maybe didn't know naming report back at Saint Joe's. Yes. And so I trained with I've trained with name and now for six seasons. He's a good friend of mine. He plays CFL now. But I always wish I could've intercepted his passes a freshman in high school, and he was a senior Mona UB as he got he moved to wide receiver university of at buffalo. But he was a quarterback I was inches from from intercepting as a fifteen year old. Complete. He completed though, the safety was your brother. That's right between the my both my semester, we tackle him. But you know. All right. That's okay. No, that's mine. That was championship. Yeah. Go ahead. Or does it my question? No. I don't know. Let me before I got before. It's my turn go ahead. Okay. Right now with the hell of the target that play Tim Hortons field downtown Hamilton, right? When I first signed the stadium was under construction. What is the name of the legendary Canadian State Stadium on which the new one is built command? This is I've ever win stadium. I knew that one. Okay. Here's another softball. Then if you get that for sure. During that during that time or at the temporary home of the cats was what university? Wealth. That's right. I is making a comeback here wealth wealth was you were at that game. So I was at the game. I I was I think it was at the home opener for new new era for Tim Horton labour day classic. That's right. That's right. The labour day classic. I was great one. That was okay. Here we go who was the opponent in my last home game as a buffalo Bill. Okay. So obviously, obviously your last game was in Green Bay, right? What happened in that game? Something of uncle everybody knows. The just tell people you don't have to tip. Lasted about the halfway through the first quarter of the last game. I wish I lasted that long five plays. Well, you can't take your helmet off on the field and talk to the referee should just talking to a veteran like you should have known that. Yeah. That was my last home game who's the opponent? I last home game in buffalo. You can't you know, the big icon. I want to say the family where we're all working together. I want to say it was the Rams that correct? That is not right. The Jacksonville Jaguars. And it was nice nice. A nice token to because when we walked off the field. I know if you remember this you probably didn't see it Mark Brunell, remember the quarterback for the he brought me the game ball, then he gave me the after the loss. But still he said, you know, you should have this. I still that about that's cool. Okay. Says I'm up three to two now because football question, I don't I'm done. I'm ready for the how many hold on everyone one for you. I have four more questions and they're more of. Okay. That's perfect. I have four but one still is including my career question here. Okay. How many thousand yard seasons have had in the CFL to false three. What's the score? Where we got here is three three now. Yeah. You just got that wrong. He didn't I didn't. But I said I was up. You said I was up three to j Harris. They're filling us in here in our head of what's going on. And neither one of us can follow. What? I'm still up three Sarah. Didn't he just get the one right about now? Okay. You don't win when I get it wrong. And I don't get a point for. Yes. Right. For your question being too hard. You don't get. All right. I'm still up three to all right here. He goes questionable was my favorite rock band. The Doobie brothers. Okay. That's three three. Okay here. Yo these these turn it up a little bit. It's my favorite song. The Doobie brothers Pandora stations. The only thing that ever plays in mom and dad's house, it's a little noxious. Okay. That's right. My older brother Dc took me to my first concert ever in in buffalo. It's a band more from your generation than mine. What was the band? The pain dictate. What years right? Well, how old were you maybe a freshman in high school? Maybe I was in middle school even at the stadium. No, no. It was it was like over by the canals or something some outdoor place down there. I was I couldn't even tell you so young thirty eight special. No it was here. I'll give you one hint. Just for point-scoring. He got it wrong. But with one hand one hand, it's particularly applicable here because it's actually a Canadian band. The guests who that's right? The guess who knows sugar tight Mike off. That's right. I've got that. I've got them on my hard drive. All right here, we go my second. What was the this? Is you were bragging on me? Let I tested out physically. Really? Well, it was great athlete who hasn't Mel kiper somebody you were talking to early in the show. No, it was a Canadian caller from from Hamilton day. Oh, that's right. Davis. Right. Okay. So what was my fastest hand time? Forty yard dash. Okay. I I want to say it was a junior junior college. That's right. Okay. And it was something like a four to nine. No, it was not for four three three four three four. I'm not giving it to you. Even even though estimated on the on the fast side of I don't. You're not getting you know, you've got to get it. Right. Okay. Gotta get right hand time though. It was hand timed. It was college in Kansas your coach coach at that time to be below four four. Yeah. It was. Yeah. It was it was it was in a gymnasium. And I'd like, okay. I actually read my sheet wrong. I've only got one question left. So give me your you have to two more. Okay. Give me here we go. What was my max bench press of all time? I want to say. Three an over under. Yes. Yeah. It'd be more. I'll give you over under is it. Over or under three seventy. I want to say it was three seventy five is it over. What is she over under? You're saying you're saying over three eighty five really? Yeah. That's pretty impressive still cost me though. What does that mean? Because I bet the defensive coordinator get four hundred and I couldn't get it. What team are you on the bills? It was injury with bubbas when I had a knee injury. Right. So I had an injury engine. I couldn't really run or anything. So I put on some weight and lift, you know, so we were I was trained in hard. Upper body is doing everything I could play right. So they had me the training staff had me lifting and stretch basically doing what I could do without hurting my knee. Right. So I started benching bitch and hard and stuff, and I got up to like three three eighty five and the coordin- defensive corner while Corey was there, and I go I'm gonna go. I'm I'm going to get four. Yes. No. You're not it goes. I said, I bet you he goes. All right. I'll bet you steak dinner. I said you are on. Well, he knew so what happened. I was only like a buck eighty which is pretty pretty book eighty five and he thought because my body weight I wasn't going to get there. Because. He knew. The signs of it. Get there. That's not really what happened. What happened was then a week after that? They started letting me run and sushi. Start running bench. Go your bench dries up. So that's pretty impressive that that bench number, right? Somehow. Your wife. My mother's side of the family doesn't have that bench press, gene. And I must have fallen in that category. I can squat really. Well, it as I've I used to squat to now. No, yeah. You're you're you're mother's side of the family or distance runners. Yeah. That's unfortunately, got the your grant bench press. Or was it? Your is your great grandmother held twenty seven world records in track and field. You knew that. Didn't you pretty impressive? That's true masters track into all right here. Let's see. All right last one. I have one more one. It's your turn. Okay. Let's this is gonna be a great question to determine the true gap in our generations here. Okay. Okay. What is the best Disney move movie soundtrack of all time? Okay. Best movie. Disney movie soundtrack of all time. What a couple of them are recent. I would have to go with there's a couple of that. I'd go to all the listing them in no particular order, and this is not my final. You have to have a final Chitty Chitty. Bang bang would be one. Is that Disney? I don't know about that. Yeah. You're right. That might stick. The let's stick my twenty s. I'm talking to say like. Let's say like, okay best Disney. Soundtrack of all time. I'll go I'll go beauty. And the beast is a pretty good one Mary Poppins is an excellent one. And I'll go third one would be I can hear them laughing. I wouldn't be studio actually at the Aladdin. I would say maybe because of the hits on it'd be I would go with beauty and the beast. That is not correct. The answer. We're looking for is lion. King. That is obviously the best Disney soundtrack. That was. Yeah. No. That's a good one too. I didn't say frozen, you know, being a grandpa now frozen would I was wondering if that was going to be in your on your list of coming back into play here with a granddaughter. The soundtrack is really the one that's on the loop. I've watched that it's not bad either. But no blanking is polls are in Lanqing's outrightly the best. All right. Okay. I have another one or we are tied up tied up. And this is the question. All right over under. How many of your high school games? Did I actually see impersonal the over under is four point five? I'm going to go over for that. But just barely over. There's no way you saw more than ten names. It's probably probably, you know, the name if I if I sat down with with a therapist for a long time that they'd probably they probably come to that conclusion that.

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