Fire Commission, Wauwatosa, Police Officer Joseph Mensa discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


John the W I, A sport of control approved their covert 19 guidelines today. Now they're meeting included a presentation from Dr Tim McGuinn from UW Madison. Who says sports could help kids during this pandemic, Citing a recent study that shows some kids with some mental health issues are as high as 47%. That's the rate of moderate to severe. Depression in the kids with the poorest in comes the highest poverty rates. So this is showing us right now, like like the CDC is sending our most with kids are having most of these effects. The next decisions will be made at the school level is the W. Ay will allow them to move some or all of their fall seasons to the spring if they choose to a meeting to discuss the case around suspended Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph MENSA was scheduled for today. But the police Empire Commission ended up canceling it. They said it was due to a technical issue with the zoo meeting team J for Sean Gallagher. Recent Fire Commission agenda did show discussions on scheduling deadlines and discussion on complaints received on behalf of the families of J. Anderson and Alvin Cole. But none of that was discussed today. We can't hold valid meeting under the open meetings on when we're trying to join at 11 a.m. We're told that it was an invalid meeting I D and were denied access to the meeting. So nothing was discussed. The Tosa Police and Fire Commission plans on rescheduling that meeting next week. Meanwhile, protesters made their way to the home of Wauwatosa is mayor overnight this after Mayor Dennis McBride made an announcement that all protests must take place between the hours of noon and eight PM and would not be allowed on private property They showed up in his house after midnight. I am J four reports that no arrests citations were given last night coming up a push to have Biden and Harris in Milwaukee. W T M J News time. 403 new sponsored by citing unlimited sighting in a whole lot more online at sighting unlimited dot com Wake and see. 2020 in hindsight will be tempted to cancel it just to get even. But with all the things that 2020 did cancel, it has not and cannot seriously changed The weather..

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