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You know, the problem sky jets or Philip in our lions and that said, so the do these the act as if you're in Hong Kong, and Singapore, and the Tel you all in you're like, yeah. Well, we're sitting in front of the runway and there's nothing else to do. We can see everything you're asking us. It's endearing I love it. When you lend their the end deliver you the luggage. You clearly see them picking up the luggage from the and the have a seemingly belt, but the belt doesn't move just drop the luggage. And you pick it and you leave. That's it takes you like a second. Honestly, it's really cute. I love I don't get to go to enough airports like that one or two shops in it. But when I was leaving arrive in the airport, and then because of the tracker is I can see that the flight I'm supposed to take as not even left Manila. So it's never going to take off in half an hour. I would go out again. And there's like these guys have installed little restaurants, just because there's people around maybe they have business, and I went to a restaurant and had some food Filipina food amazing next door. There's a bar. They have like maybe just five years. That's it. And it's like you'll sheds next week other next to the airport. The best thing essential picture because I don't have anything to do walking around walking around. This is real tiny airport. I see that I can see the runway better from an angle so ago there with McKenna, and then C H eighteen right there, so beautiful and delivery of this put pick on the in our Instagram account. It's just sitting there and these things if stops doing them in the sixties or something, and it's in pristine condition of sensitive pick. It's my God that was super happy to see one there and waiting. Beautiful. Yeah. Anyway, it's much more to add to that airport. It's one of the you'd be using if you were to go there slots of those in the Philippines, vertical magnificent beaches. Obviously, the best thing is when you take off when you land yet, the views stunning views on the islands on the tolls and very very low UC everything. Yeah. Just guys just for that go to an upper night that I I'm going to make that my plan for twenty nine hundred 'cause I love airports like that. You would love it. You would actually adore it. So what are your next lights out a couple of weeks? I am going to Mexico City. Oh my God. Yeah. How on aero Mexico, which will be I yeah. It's pricing difficult to get to Mexico City, especially through the US. You would think that would be there would be alien flight today me to the US majors. Don't fly nearly as often as I thought they would so. Era. Mexico flight times are are really convenient. They are both late night departures from Heathrow and from Mexico City, which means we maximize our time on the ground there. So I have no idea what to expect. I'm in their economy product, I will report back because I which alliance are they with their one of the founding members of Skyping. Okay. So I have no status whatsoever. Very interesting. So that your first flight into nineteen. We'll be exactly what people tell us to do. Sometimes like in two more regular flights in our. Yep. Point ta than perfect. Wow. I'm very jealous in Mexico City apparent he's amazing especially for food. Yes. I'm looking forward to eating myself. Silly. Actually, we might record before you leave. We don't know. We'll see if we can actually make it to compensate for lack of episodes. I'm Frank two more morning be a two birth Alana for birthday and back. So T three I might go to these American lounge, and then probably at the time when you're flying to Mexico, but probably would record before I'm doing this crazy thing when I'm in San Francisco Sunnyvale, actually so Sunday would be better to fly to Sacco save with. But I need to be the week. Just really just after any to be in Dubai, and it was looking the press like crazy because Sandra rule, whatever. So then what I ended up doing is flying with them rats to do by switch terminal and Dubai and then from two pie with Pacific to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to San Francisco, Dr Sunnyvale and the way back I redo the whole thing..

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