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While i've interviewed many people who say that they have been healed by amtel anna at whether or not the healing if done by an angel earth facilitated find until it gets very difficult part fat out time they certainly play a role in here i healing process uh they heal the sole they can heal the body they he'll emotions or they help us he'll ourselves that might be a better way to look at it and one of the things that angel's do remind us of is that um we we have these same abilities we can um nurture these same abilities with and ourselves and i think that's one of the roles of the angels is to reflect to us and what we are capable of of becoming there like uh an image uh they are like idealized uh people because so we we consider that they have likenesses um similar to ours let's go to wall two hilou walter i this great to be always he wants him either wall till you to a georgia you and all that i one of you a resident atheists' diagnostic seven uh with all deference theater day she says if she believes in the reality of angels them out of the book of isaiah says he's not so seraphic and you'll see i've no fewer than six swings i'm probably conversant with the laws of thermodynamics and i was wondering how unnamed you'll with six rings fasel moody's gets off the ground the only during.

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