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Have some good news to start off with, up seventy five at Royal. In north of Dallas that accident has cleared it's still trying to unwind a, from mid park and along eastbound six. Thirty five from Preston downtown Dallas westbound thirty just after forty five you're entering the downtown canyon that accident still. There is just walking off one right lane at this point but traffic. Is backed up past. Ferguson and that is creating delays onto southbound seventy five. That are snaking around. Onto the eastbound side of Woodall Rodgers then. We've got this other issue on the opposite side of Woodall Rodgers going westbound expect delays they're doing roadwork on the ranch northbound I thirty five so that's. Causing backups you seventy five Lancaster westbound twenty at Houston. School car hit a guard rail right lane is blocked off with a. Delay to Lancaster road Inbal springs eastbound twenty, between seagull road and, loss in Rhode there's road work in the left lane and environ worth Dallas southbound ramp from the tollway to Frankfurt has been reopened plano there is a big backup southbound priced in from part down to the bush turnpike construction reported in the area it's about ten minutes to make your way through that stretch in kennedy on eastbound twenty before bowman springs new accident this one is involving the tractor portion of a tractor trailer and also a car that's in the left lane and delays or beyond business eighty-seven annalong southbound each one from martin southbound three sixty before park row in arlington road work in the right lane is slowing you down from brown boulevard ten to fifteen minute delay and in north fort worth on southbound eighty seven under the harmon bridge there's a semi that stuck so only the right lane is able to get through there is a backup it's you blue mound and roy city westbound thirty near f._m. five forty eight construction has the right lane blocked about a.

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