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National rent a car. You can choose any car in the now. Is that a rolls royce. Is that right by the pontiac grand prix. yeah. I think i'll take the roles. If we're gonna other roles i did sign up for full coverage the extra forty bucks rolls his mind. I don't understand that doesn't make any sense. That's not how it works. Axes no kidding. I'm a little worried about mystery. Author that can't put the pieces together to crack the case that this guy's the ceo this company we don't have to get into that. You're not bright. Somehow the her boss gets a pop up window on her screen minutes after the picture of those two are taken together. So she doesn't get somebody texan or going. Did you see this article. She's working in honor screen pops. Up a window with a web browser. That has the picture on their attack in. This movie's works out. And then she clicks on it and it says she's part of the group admin page of camp snow camps cocaine. Snow in the on the webpage. The boss of magazine is looking at it says. It's the group admin account guys just a little bit a little bit of due diligence. Here would keep us from these massive oversights. She's an admin of camps. No i clearly. That's all i got. That's quite the luck there. Though something. i love that in the camp. The camp snow fay a facebook group. They're posting those pictures for reasons. You would you. would you need to. You need to know what's going on. I have a camp called camp sand do it. what do you do. I take pictures of people. Post them online at cape saying yet. This is weird lit like any context. No good it's time for what the hallmark is part of the show where we wonder what the heck patrick about also wanna know about this movie. Pandit yeah i just wanna understand how time works after watching this movie. In general i have no clue. I do wanna know how. How big is the hill that. They're they're snowboarding down like a hill. A little bunny hill could do a lot of. I mean it looks like it's an intermediate kind situation. They go down a lot for one day like there's a lot of runs their And also the other thing does she have previous experience in snowboarding Because it seems like she is fairly still owed a mortgage say that they snowboarded and college together but not on a team. They just love doing it. Look but they clearly share that passion which is quite passion to share. We have There's a we find out that the the best friends she gets hurts. He's a doctor. Apparently we find that out surgeon and surgeries a surgeon. But there's this there's this emt that they make note of not knowing anything. Try not knowing. Anything doesn't know how to work any sort of You know like machine that will tell you if it's a sprain or broken nothing. He got the x. Ray man got the ray manual right. What's up with that first day. I don't know wanna know more about that person. Then so the whole thing is is that jack turner's character broke up with a girl before she was going to have a big olympic event. And he looks like a sleazeball but the true story he says is that she her knee and sh- they leak that story instead. What so you mean to tell me an olympian an olympian olympic level. Athlete doesn't want people to know that she's injured but would rather people think. And i want to make sure i get this straight that she's dropping out of the olympics for heartbreak. She doesn't want people know. She injured her knee doing the things she loves. She wants people to think the break. Up with jack turns character was too much like we have set feminism back. Sixty years minimum here. That's what we're to understand but also they really did break up. They did break up. They are not together but she's injured that's why she's not in the event. Yeah why don't you want people to know that unless the come up with five better excuses than what they came up with five other things. We could link to the press to why. She's not competing in the olympics. She got sick. Pay a problem with patriot. Patriotism whoa that's not better talk with her patriots she's she's a soviet spy for the love of god. Don't tell them. I got hurt. That's right. I hate my country. My knees fine a compete with that. You can't kill the pert. should never. She's a murderer but her knees are gonna kill says. forget it. you should use her anytime in prison. Going that a allergic to snow. Caesar fine they but they did break up they did. They broke up at some point beforehand but also she was injured. If you're an olympian. Did he break up with her. Before the event. Yeah i guess but not right before. I don't know i have no idea. That's that's part of what the homework for me to cuts. Sorry kilson weather hate america. Arcane became proclamation patriots. Joyce out of here with everybody congratulations. We're gonna be doing the second one one winter proposal next friday very excited about that. We had a double decker really. Romans kira roman curia is a curator at mickelson's nichols mickelson's nichols. Yeah okay she. You know mads mikkelsen. I do know madge. Mickelson phil mickelson Yeah matt Mad mad big. Nickel collector is. Yeah loot mickelson's nichols yeah curic. She hopes curate that collection. What is what is he. Looking for. A solid nikola. He looks for a nickel every week. Just one week. No one is from earn. Llc or just for fun just refunds. you could go. Here's where you can actually go to his house. Tell me what to look nickel anytime you employed by. Yeah absolutely she just goes some curious. Nicholson all you got i mean. Is there more to say about somebody who's doing such an awesome job of nickel selecting. What's two oldest nickel. Oh i'm glad you're asking He just collecting them so about five weeks. We'll be back next week. Everybody until i wish you chris. Next the homework bramble jammed. Podcast recorded live. And yeah that greenville. South carolina is produced by brain gray. Set the core by plum haywood mall for more information on all jam. Podcast you can go to bramble jim. Podcast dot com for more information on how to listen to the homework ad free. You can go to bramble jim. Plus dot com..

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