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Saying that's the name of the website. I'm just giving the explanation. Because i think he's afraid of that salute the big ones midsize screen. Maybe too hard on my flogger is what like a fourth of the size. And i can handle that one. This one's just too much. i'm too little. This one was customized for me. Because he's a little bigger than i am. His arms are longer and he's got like bigger arms so puts a real fucking pay. Yes but not at all right. If you're right it won't it's court. It's paranoia records completely empty. The ends are not it is complete open knows will feel like a massage very it will feel like massage. It'll feel really really good to that seat and all that you've tried a lot of room do this video when you're going to strike someone doing this right. I need all of this and especially with my going gonna beat no. This would be if it makes you feel better. I face you're scared. So that's why i think this can you. Little girl can take it for so you feel omagh. Jesus called you a little. She's translate for him. Let me this is the poco. Donald johnson challenge guys tonight. There's going to be a video whole shit. Were so going to get taken down so no no. No no. don't put it on. Don't put it on instagram on your personal sites. I have it on my instagram. And i have it on youtube. Put him his personal site. Well zola gills gills getting slapped in the. What are the other guy coming up. God goddess workshop. What is the goddess workshop. About got us he will be able to instruct people and really define what is to be able to worship a dominatrix that is worship is for those usually men and unecessarily bright who want nothing more than to empower a woman to show them that the real are a goddess in there is for them. Everything revolves around being able to showcase that the love adoration that they have belongs to this one person. right so goddess worship will take you through that entire process to the uae. How and when it's appropriate then the work the sex worker penalty. Guess coming on november. That was going to be really fun. Yeah it was. What exactly is that pertain. And so i think this is gonna be our last arc ecology of the year and we have many more in between those right. But that's kind of how we're gonna end. This is a lot of people are very curious about the sex industry right and for them. The you know they might think especially at this point they think six industry oh strippers and maybe only fans girls We want to be able to not only allow them to be able to be face to face with someone in these industries but to be able to define them and allow them to understand what the sex industry really is. It's more than just your camera on your strip grill so we'll be having dominatrix On the panel. We will be having a cam. Girl a internet internet sex worker. I will be having someone that will be able to represent Legal prostitution monstrous sex worker. Seven six okay. Yeah we will also of course have always said a stripper. Dance where we're gonna have. We're to have the counselors come. We're definitely going to have some city councillors and calm healing counseling Be there to be able to talk about the mental health of sex workers and You know that pretty much to be able to tell you that it's okay to be wrong with right. I to be able to explore that yet to be what exposes on a on a mental emotional thing and as well as a social worker who at one point was a sexual herself. She might not. Yeah that would be kim. I love to say she. I remember actually talked about you guys because she did a photo with the right on. The big crunch keeps fucking amazing. Win the most wonderful her. She's amazing we admire her. I mean she's she's an incredible young credible strong independent woman. I mean that's that's the way it should be about. This is a human being. She's incredible absolutely concentrate absolutely. So yeah we're going to have a full round table so that people can sit there. Ask the questions that they'd like to be able to find out what it really is to be. In this industry how it feels to be the obstacles they go through and the rewards that come with it. Why do they do this. Because it's not for everybody right. Everybody survives this comes to online sex work especially eighty percent of people who start actually quit within the first six months six months. Yeah and we should be much yeah. It's a lot more work and more intensive than people think it is only mentally and physically as well. It's just a lot to do so people honestly completely underestimate how much work goes into all of this absolutely. They think it's so easy just to be able to jump. There's so much work. So many people like i'll just go some looting. I'll be making like ten thousand dollars. No that's online sex worker. What exactly is a definition of that online. Sex work is pretty much anyone who does sex work that does not come in physical contact with a client that includes online domination. Okay so anybody. That doesn't have any penetration. Any kind of anything. No thought no nothing so like strippers would not be online sex workers because they do have that physical contact exactly so if you see someone in person you would not be online sex work right domination on the hand media sam because it is so mental right we can do this online and it still works. See i'd like that aspect that you guys talk about when you when you're talking about the m. i never really thought about the mental aspect and other it was always about. You know like. I said the sexual is.

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