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Bill cosby granted his first interview from behind bars over the weekend and the disgraced comedians still insists he he never sexually assaulted Andrea Constand. And therefore we'll never express remorse The Eighty two year old cosby tells Black Press USA. He did nothing wrong. Wrong sitting in a Pennsylvania prison because of a trial that was a setup. He says he argues that whole jury thing. They were impostors. He believes the jurors decided he was guilty. Sleep before even beginning of the trial. There is a conspiracy. There is audio it is so hard to make out because of the the walls and the you know just the bad acoustics. I didn't even bother. Kerr Cosby is serving up to ten years behind bars and vigorous. He'll serve the entire sentence because the parole board is not going to hear me say that he will never hear me say that I have remorse right so we were talking about how we sort of put things to our prism. And we're like I'd kill myself if that happened to me but these guys don't kill themselves because of their personality grandiose and that's the Epstein Rug right like wind guy didn't have the right kind of personality to kill himself. Oh that's that's the thing I don't I don't know but I I tend to factor that in like crazy distraught girlfriend dumped him sixteen year. Old White Goth Dude. That guy kills himself that sounds about right Epstein doesn't feel like suicide material to me but none of the grain that Charles Manson never killed some of these guys. OJ Or whatever they have those ready made those personalities. Don't Bernie Madoff Son Kelvin dramatic and that I mean he did so much damage that his son killed himself. Stop it yet. He the father remains yes. Meanwhile cosby says he doesn't get any special treatment in prison yet. He also holds a weekly of service. That he He's he preaches at so something tells me gets a little bit of special treatment. Yeah is he. I wonder if he's doing material. I mean there's gotta be fans in. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I think he's doing new material prison material or just say what do you say that you say to the black populace in the joint okay. There's a comedian he's been he's going to be in here for ten years is probably GONNA be some. You've definitely heard. Welcome Jeff Dunham. How Oh come on? Yeah I'm not going to that. Yeah but the card. Oh Man Camario Yeah Max at just the clock accordingly please prison celeb- Eb right well former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg officially announced Sunday that he's running the race for the Democratic nomination for President in two thousand twenty he says I'm running for President to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America back in March the seventy seven year. Old Billionaire said he wasn't going to enter the race because the field was too crowded but he's advisor said his adviser said earlier this month that Bloomberg was increasingly concerned that the current field of candidates is not positioned to beat trump. So he's the Guy I like it when folks we're now at a point now it is funny because I was on to all this woke shed along time ago and if ball. Brian Remembers so during the last debate. Buddha judge was basically bragging. I'm the poor sky on this stage. which now he was making a point that I'm the poorest stage which is now something to Brag it actually use and it's like we don't need another billionaire running this economy? I don't know maybe he knows something about making money not made any money my mom. Let's just just to go to extreme. They're like I don't know if we want and I know they're doing they're not bought and paid for and all that kind of stuff but I do. I do feel like running. It's a big city or running. A big business helps you versus running South Bend Indiana let let. Let's not brag that we have nothing. I've never earned a dollar our if you're building a building from scratch a presidential candidate and they said yes or no would you want someone who's successful at business while successfully be like absolutely right but now it's a because you have money. We don't need another white billionaire owners so but then it's funny because this stuff's been going a lot of stuff going on longer than you think like. I used to tell people twenty years ago when they started saying not rape victim rape survivor. And it's not it's not blinded seeing impaired and all this that's why it's different trying to grab hold of the language. Brian Remember when I used to do love line all the time. I'd go a millionaire literally literally really a millionaire because back in like nineteen ninety seven like my program every like. Don't you want your one of the listeners. You're one of the one of Dan you're one of them and I'm like I'm not from Orange County and I don't snowboard. I'm not fourteen fucking rich bucket. And they'd be He'd be like don't do we. Don't talk about it though. Don't talk about Flying First Class and I'd go okay and then that night I'd go. I'm a millionaire literally Mammalian literally million illiterate literate and back when it used to mean having a million bucks used to mean something and I used to do it intentionally. Just I go fuck off. I'M NOT GONNA pretend report. And then secondly my thing was like. I'm not a fourteen year old from Orange County. WHO's thinking about snowboarding and got my? I got got my first back. Said I'm a guy who's been through the groundlings has done about your stand up. Who's well trained and has ideas that are better than yours that you need to hear? You're listening to me resigned. The House live. Why should I be? Why why me be on the radio? I'm just you right. That's my whole thing. In this whole I feel the same way. Like if you're going to run something run it man. Don't be one of me me don't be like I'm just like I'm not I'm not I'm better than you. Everyone is listening unless you have more money than me that you earned earned. No Rick Dees him talking about any of that. I used to live. We'll look radio every per if you so so basically if you don't think you can bring it like if you don't think you can back it up if you don't think you're funny or uniquely qualified or entertaining then by all means shut up about flying first class but my thing is like all talk about flying first class all day long. But then I'll bring funny and I'll bring insight and I'll do better than people can do and vessel have job. I this notion that it's it's it's basically based on that the WHO the fuck wants who've you ever enjoyed relatable fucking boring and nothing. I mean it's the whole thing about relatable it's like I don't WanNa watch a guy I if I'm GonNa Watch a doc I wanNA see the guy do the free climbing or the guy walked ordinary on the tight wire from from the twin towers. It's not relatable at all. It's extraordinary. It's the opposite of relatable. I could never do that. Never never watched surf an eighty foot wave or Tito Ortiz in the cage. We all everybody who watches the UFC. Go that's Selena. All they go holy Shit. I'd be scared to death. I would never do that. I couldn't do that. You know what I mean. That's my thing when I go to watch a comedian go better and that guy could be up on stage. Go guys great the whole thing why by Ford v Ferrari and all the residual shelby all. The stuff is interesting. It's like not gonNA. They're relatable through extraordinary things. They're doing superhuman things. Yes thank you for the plug. That's the thing about radio when they when they just be honest because you'll never have to remember all the allies. You won't have to keep track of them and so when you're you're on the air for four hours a day and they're telling you to be someone you're not you have to remember your story I was. I know for a fact I did not get a job because I would not change my name to something Hispanic because I'm not Hispanic and I don't know anything about the culture and it would be dishonest and everyone in L. A.. Knows my dad and it would be very confusing story. So Claire. Do they have a Hispanic name or was it literally change your name to something Hispanics Hispanic Rochelle something Hispanic. This'll ham handed throw Chato mull todd by last name confusing day we'll come to broach shadow. Tato I I was at the comedy store on Saturday night and I was talking about how this country's completely going off a fucking cliff and I said it's giving my example sample of when I was young and I'd stay home as a bad student watched. TV when I was eleven had four chance to choose from every commercial school a truck and Syrup toast or repair school working in a doctor's world which I still wasn't like a nursing degree receptionist or something. Yeah we're learned to work in a doctor. Learn uncut hair learn to do something and now everything is like one joined a class action lawsuit. Did you use some powder cubic mesh explode and then there's a lot of like discriminated fired. Wrongful termination discriminated at work. And I was saying but I mean it I think twenty years from now you turn on daytime. TV and there's going to be a lawyer standing there and he's going to go is your boss asks you to do stuff uh-huh did you WanNa do stuff so he asked me to come in on Monday and then wanted then after you showed up you you want to do stuff will join this class action laws. In fact people sitting around going I was I was duly signed. Boss asked me to do stuff because I feel like like might nephews will be down with that lost it. I mean this is. This is the new world order like a pain. This old. The I asked me to do stuff and I'm pissed I want I wanted settled. I've won justice. I wanted to come on. This is your second choice for names. John Rambo I don't know why just made me laugh at your boss. Wants you to do stuff because it's going to have over. We're all we're right there. We're almost there all right. Sorry what else. Washington redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins thought. Sunday's game against the Detroit. Lions was over when he ran to the sidelines. Take a Selfie with a fan. I don't know if you guys saw this. The redskins won. I didn't exceed agency it. I gotTa tell you I was. I was watching with poor cousin. Sow watching the Patriots. Writ speeders a hapless cowboys but there was a stupid Oh look the Patriots. Don't need any help from the rats they just don't and when they were playing my rams and the Super Bowl that was three three girly broke off fifteen yard run and a cold holding on the center like Interior Linemen locking. Aw come come on. They called tripping on the very very spacious lift is foot or just kind of leaned gets what what do we need that. Why do the Patriots? It was like they throw it to to Z Z caught. It broke one off her a I saw coming back. Okay came over for very non. I don't know I've never even seen that call. I've seen tripping. Yeah were guy. Went down to the ground. And Lake whip the other Guy Commun- reasons never marsin tripping when the linemen had both feet under him and was locked up subs hip hip got into contact. A call that would never. You just don't need you don't you. Don't need to make it absurd. It's absurd it ruin the game. The of course the Patriots won. It's IT'S A it's a non Cole. I don't why would you do that are call. It's put czar. It's confusing if you watch you'll never see that call again. You see tripping work..

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