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The goal few golden good opportunities for Democrats, offense person cinema, a prize recruit. There was a leap primary in Arizona that had the hash out a couple of more fringe candidates before Mick Sally was able to to get into this, but what's your sense of the momentum right now in terms of driving the messaging of this debate, whatever you say about, turn out, you get a sense that MC Sally has been able to dictate the terms a little more than cinema right now on. The only thing that sort of working against on is the fact that they do have early voting. I just started in Monday and a lot of campaigns complained that it doesn't allow them to have the kind of mentioned that they want. But you did see a lot of hits on cinema this weekend, leading up to the early voting and turn out seems pretty high already. I mean, I've been watching the television in Arizona. Anna aid is just brutal. It is like one nasty attack after another for all different types of candidates. I'm sure if I was living in Arizona, I just turn my TV off. It is a lot. But you know, this is the climate and right now that voters are going out and they're and they're actually placing their their votes. And historically Republicans say it's not a good thing to have early voting, but they seem domestic. And they think that that the MC Sally's hits on cinema, accusing her of being an antiwar activist of of basically suggesting that she won't help veterans a lot of veteran and military active military servicemen living in Arizona. You know, this is a really strong line of attack against in mixed alley, capitalizing on as we know she's the first female fighter pilot. I mean, that's a pretty big thing, but it's also interesting to see how how they attack each other. I mean, it's two women, but it's been a very sexist. You know, very sexist race in a way for language that they've been using against each other subtly implied that cinema is is more girly girl versus Nick. Sally who. Has more fails strength tendencies probably going farther than most men would go against a female calendar and the pink Tutu add. We all Vernon. Yeah, you know, it's it's really interesting to see how. Really quite vicious. I mean, seeing these these two women on the stage, they really don't like each other and badging say, hypothetically cinema wins, and she's the first female Senator in Arizona and then MC Sally, the pointed to the other, bake it if I John McCain, a good chance together is a good chance of scenario that they're both United States senators this time next year, which is which is pretty wild tariff. Oh, Mary, checking in from the road in Arizona will let you get back on the campaign trail. Thanks for being here and appreciate you dial-in. Thanks, interesting twist in Arizona, John, because this this is being referred to as the year of the woman, and this is going to set new records another year of women that's going to set new records in all likelihood on on the female makeup of both the house in the Senate. This is a race in Arizona were both women are running and and gender kind of taken off the table in in a sense. But I'm interested to hear Tara say that it's being used as a weapon that there's there's some things that are probably going to be would be considered sexist. If said, via man. Well, you know, I try not to make predict. In less, I really have a firm basis making, but I, I will predict right here on this episode of powers politics. The next Senator from Arizona will be a woman, and that'll be a first Verizon by the way. That's one seven agree with you John as well. But I do in our little tour of the battlegrounds today. You see, you see Democrats who are running in different ways. One unifying theme to me that I'm continue to be intrigued by is that for as polarizing as Trump is, granted, these red states is polarizing is Trump is you don't really have any of these major candidates were running against Trump. They're running against aspects of him and running against cruise crews would had this whole riff in the debate about how much disagrees with the president on trade policies against the tariffs. He's told the president..

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