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With highs in the sixties to around 70. This report is brought to you by a I s insurance from the Southern California Toyota Dealers. Traffic Center. We make it easy. We've got a wreck on the 60. Yeah. You're gonna want to alter your route. If you usually use the eastbound 60 through Hacienda Heights, 60 East and Hacienda Boulevard on Lee, the right lane is open. It's a fatal crash and the investigation is going on now started at about six o'clock this morning. Your trip is going to be super slow from the 605 with only that right lane open. If you're traveling, eastbound, westbound side, you've got the traffic slowing down at about Azusa with people slowing down to look Eastbound cans gonna be your best bet will go to hell with on the five north end at La Paz. Disabled car blocks the right lane Ko Phi, And this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff our record the six so far we've been using the term at times all lanes blocked here all morning. Long here. Here's another one. This is South bound. South down 605 right at the 91 minute old and shut down Only about five minutes ago, There was quite a pressured wound up to the shoulder of the transition. Actually, West 91 to the South 605. It's over there now, So all lanes are open. But if you're on that sounds 605. It's okay down to the five before everything stops little bit before the one Oh, five all the way down. Even the carpool lane got affected because module always for Shut down, so start to move a little bit south of 91 Thing's What good North and looking good by the way that something Robin warned you about on the 60 now going up that north six or five to the West 10 that transition got real slow, but the 10 itself is still in good shape. Injured in an accident. BUSINESS SUPERWOMAN SUPER lawyer Com JEF Boeke K F Eye in the sky traffic is sponsored by Whole Foods Market KO Phi and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks change up your breakfast at whole Foods Market with 30% off, Tell Afia farms plant based products, including almond milk and coffee. Creamer through March 16th while supplies last,.

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