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In place for the acc championship i don't think he buys going to go to go back to the arkansas state hurricane game and say that should costume sultan now i will say this there is some news about rescheduled football games florida state now has rescheduled their game with louisiana monroe and that was a game they weren't going to reschedule but now because of a season that has gone further south than anyone could have predicted now i want to reschedule again because of trying to become bowl ills record wants the practices he didn't care about the mode didn't care thing about it and and that's something that riot aerobic activity exactly right he added can clearly they need to practice right but so so that's above all the games that were murderers' row that's that's the most wanted and i have it it's it's some it doesn't surprise me they try to reschedule is just surprise me is this late in the year and that they're in this position i wonder and i meant to look this up and i just forgot your would monroe i guess monroe would not have gotten paid because the game was canceled so their motivation to go to get their paycheck right florida state's motivation is to get the ball practices uh and they may need that i mean it's it's very possible that that that would be their sixth victory it's uh it's amazing work this in the situation but that's where there aren't any chance monroe winced that game yeah well that wasn't that'd be it if data rescheduled a game for was december second so it's a championship saturday but i'll tell you this too and this is something it might not mean so much to jumbo but certainly means a lot to the university florida state hasn't missed balsas nights and eighty one.

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