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Tire studios pallet town fair tire nobody beats town fair tire nobody his mom before I get to the calls which I don't get it and I didn't even know until last night and I'm sure this was the noise somebody but I'm gonna say it anyway because I just don't get it why first of all I don't know when they did it but why would you one name the World Series MVP will lead the Willie Mays ward Willie Mays is without question one of the we could argue five to ten greatest players of all time greatest all around players of all time hands down no court down even more as an argument top five top ten somewhere in there you can pick where but the one blemish on Willie Mays's career was he did not have great World Series he made an iconic catch in nineteen fifty four but he didn't hit what be it's even hit three hundred that series he never had three hundred a World Series his teams went one and three in the World Series he was a great all time hit are great all time player great all time slugger he never hit a World Series home run in seventy one at bats and hits two thirty in the World Series I went one in three as a player in the World Series who won one World Series his whole career which was over twenty years long he won one World Series his best moments were never played in the World Series why would you name the MVP of the World Series the Willie Mays ward it's the one blemish on his career you couldn't even the Bob Gibson award it was one of the greatest World Series performers of all time I hate to say this because I'm not his biggest fan but you could name the Reggie Jackson award that won the MVP twice in the World Series or I know it is already a Babe Ruth what's up you can use but with the Mickey mantle what the man had eighteen World Series home runs holds almost every World Series record and one plate and twelve World Series one seven of the Willie Mays one World Series when one in three in the World Series and never had a World Series almond seventy one at bats but it's two thirty how is his name there for the year the award named after him if I was going to stay in the room how would you come out with Willie Mays as you want I don't get it I mean no someone's gotta tell me why Willie Mays I understand he's Willie Mays but that's probably the one blemish on his career was the World Series he didn't play well in the World Series he never hit three hundred in any World Series and that's Willie Mays being in a World Series home if he was playing now ninety eight seventy one World Series at bats and did a home people was a child he's a guy who had a million home runs the fifty almost in a citizen he never hit all World Series all more get six World Series lobby eyes the World Series was not a strong point of Willie's career how was it the MVP of the world there is named after Willie Mays I go to pick fifty guys before I pick Willie Mays gold a little box numbers in the World Series Bob Gibson unnatural if you wanted a minority no no problem a portal Clemente I wanna greatest World Series of all time good name that if the rebuttal Clemente I mean I can think of a million things I but I know they probably said you know we need the name of the what if the Willie Mays fine but why would he be the MVP sick or is it make any sense you can name anything could make defensive player of the year the Willie Mays award you could take gold gloves and make them if the Willie may you could think of a million things you could the best all around player to be named the Willie Mays award no one could say a word there's a thousand will award you to get Willie Mays World Series MVP is not one of them he never won a World Series MVP three hundred an oral surgeon is two one one World Series you were one of three in the World Series I don't get it if I was in a room and say who came up with Willie Mays I'll give you a forty year guys who were better choice this is not the knock Willie Mays it just not as strong but we're going to call the Ted Williams awarded one World service and his wife a two fifty you were going to call it the Ted Williams award but you might as well of is is where we had as much chance of being that is being a Willie Mays award yes Willie Mays made the catch and I got the trophy is the catch that's one moment in the whole world shoes made a catch great catch I understand that but that wasn't his time the World Series her name is sandy all right if you want mine already find Bob Gibson what about Bob Gibson he was as great a performing the world's uses we've ever seen Reggie Reggie's let's be honest it was a great World Series performer big papi is a great World Series before I give you a hundred guys Willie Mays not your choice well make any sense almost white Willie Mays by doing that I don't see one given award given more there's a million things going they will you can name anything Willie Mays and no one's gonna give you a lick of problem because he was an all time great but the World Series was not as moment the NBA award is named it the bill Russell guide play in the NBA finals every year I don't get it I is this the first year month did someone check good baseball was is the first year they call that or that I miss it never happened last year and can someone is just ask somebody mas we ask them what year it started how do they come up with Willie Mays and it's not that big a deal but I'm thinking about it last night when they say the Willie Mays awards in Willie Mays won for the MVP of the World Series and seven but where how would they choose Willie Mays was a war I don't get a good look of a thousand guys many of people looking to Willie Mays world she was going to say wait a second hardly when the soul Willie Mays one seventy one at bats in the world he's never had a World Series home and it's almost mind boggling that he did that he's Willie Mays thank you mail as an example hit eighteen World Series homers and one seven World Series I'm not sure has he Mickey mantle could be Bob Gibson Bob Gibson was brilliant in a World Series Roberto Clemente I just I don't get it all right Neil in Rockaway what's let me so in the unlikely that Neal what's up Hey what's up Mike will be sent to go ahead right yeah right I don't one eight two people at once hold on I go ahead now Mike yes you got Roscoe from Brooklyn and Neil that's that's a low I got a thing going on I got the one hold on there we go let me start over there we go now is the dead good deal all right yeah Mike well the show thank you listen that game last night man I don't know if you call it that with that two one pitch the grand he sold always cracking me up and he was he was also you know you stick is problematic cranky he was also we when a taxi cab point down the third base he was he was like leaning over here like she could tell because you check swing on a couple that even get the call for well I mean it's it's was a strike I mean it was it was in the box and that changes the whole it back going to a small he didn't give in the womb he didn't throw a three one pitch room service fast ball of the kids going to park he said you know what I'm not given in the womb but it one of them get them hooked and you bring in a reliever who was gassed the night before by the owners own admit that manages own admission and he comes in and gives up a home run and I'm they lose in the game he should have pics the Kendrick they I listen I said at the time I'm not second guessing I thought he was a quick cook its own eighty pitches and he had been utterly brilliant utterly brilliant and the game I mean it wasn't good he was brilliant Tony in Hoboken what's up Tony well I got I got to tell you that with I had no idea would call the one who made the ward and you're right amazing incredible ball player but not for World Series MVP trophy that's the shore yeah I just thought I wonder how they pick them I'll tell you I'll tell you are going to be on the trial given the P. award of the world here that AJ Hinch I could not believe that they want to a tired exhausted believer in that critical spot with your stud I mean I was the Madison Bumgarner moment the call to come and you know I wanna I think first of all I think he was a little leery of bringing them in at all number two I think he was only going to bring him into a cleaning which made me think if you let him if you'll let him thank you finish the ending then you bring Colin do a cleaning which is pretty probably didn't want to bring him into a dirty ending it happens thought the stretch so that's put a lot of guys don't want to come in and start to stretch so he's not used to that so the so you bring him into a cleaning he comes in the eighth inning it's a different game that's why that trigger of events from the two one two solo is so unbelievably big because he chased cranky from the game to worldly quickie was pigeonholed unbelievably they hadn't touched them until until don't run don't hit the home run okay he made a bad pitch now he's thrown one bad pitch in six and a third innings leave them in the game I mean the thrown AT pitches he walked the better he walked him on but if he was walking him because he's while he walks soda on purpose because he threw it to one pitch that was a strike and he said now I'm not gonna feed him a pitch you can hit on three one so I'm gonna check make them go outside the zone and even noble okay great he is still in complete control of the game the chase someone from the game there for tired reliever comes in and give up in the long run she never trusted Banky and going to last night let your eyes tell you a great he was in good last night he was sensational he wasn't done he picks the sort of that way on purpose he got screwed on the two one pitch his storm given the motion to the by like well what was what was with the two one picture was a strike and it was a strike it was easily a strike change the whole game that two one pitch Bryan Alonso was a Brian yeah wanna get a day hands but first did you just talk about made so it's so the perception and reputation does guy whether it's a complete fabrication and I I mean we we talk about pressure all time you reckon everybody recommends we sell about as close to the career on the opposite side Berlin to get lauded as this postseason amazing phenomenon meanwhile they got a one six in the world two to fifty our eyes never won a game in the.

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