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IBM reported earnings Wednesday. The company has been on a long turnaround path and did report third straight positive quarter. Most of that came from cloud services, security and data analytics, less impressive though was the cognitive solutions department, which includes artificial intelligence, mostly represented by the jeopardy. Winning supercomputer Watson. There are of course lots of companies working on artificial intelligence these days. Brandon pursell is an analyst with Forrester. He said, IBM sells AI as a service and a PI or application programming interface that lets companies licensed the power of Watson and build their own tools on top of it, like digital assistants or in house analysis tools. I asked him how that business works at the core of watching is used dozen or so API's that do different types of of AI. So like computer vision or natural language, understanding which you would use to build a chat bot those are strong capabilities, but still. Acquire very technical resources on the part of the enterprise to use them together as components for an artificially intelligent solution. One of the issues as well with Watson is that IBM has taken that term Watson and kind of labeled all of their products Watson this and Watson that into a certain degree. That's diluted the essence of what watching is. You're saying, if the, if the analogies, the gold rush, there's AI to make your product better which you would. You know, if you're Google or Facebook, you're gonna use it to make your product better and that's like the gold. And then there's a I, that you could sell to companies to make their products better like shovels, so which is that a fair characterization and then which side is the better business? That's definitely a fair assessment and gold rushes a good is a good term. The real value in a I is in the data, the EU's to train it, the size of that data. And also how relevant that data is to the use case that you're interested in, you know, conversational interfaces in a way they're still in their infancy, but I can easily see a world where you know Google Amazon IBM have all nailed conversation for computers. And what differentiates for the brands using this is actually the intelligence that goes into what the interfaces are saying. So they understand English, but. Are they actually saying the right thing to customers? Are they actually understanding the context of that customer experience deliver the right response? That's where the big bucks are going to be so far Google and Facebook trying to license their artificial intelligence technology today in the same way that IBM parts of it, they are certainly. I mean, like Google has built up a very robust computer vision platform and they've actually taken great pains to make it accessible to me. Like, you know, Watson, maybe pretty neat, but I'd wanna go with the company that is cataloging all of someone's all the search query is in most of the world. That is something where Google certainly has a leg up in an Amazon as well, though the one company we haven't mentioned is, is apple, you'd think that they would be further along with this because they also have a lot of data, but they have traditionally lagged behind the others when it comes to product housing capabilities. So when we talk about products, how much money is there to be made. So the gold rush in the the software category right now is worth about fifty billion dollars, which is an enormous amount considering the category didn't really exist three years ago, right? But when you think about the amount of money that can be realized by enterprises adopting a, you know, more intelligent interactions with customers to generate additional revenue, and then also all of the efficiencies that can be built using AI, which in many instances, automates processes and automates them at the. In the most efficient way possible there we're talking about trillions of dollars. Analysts with Forrester. One interesting component of the a. i. business story is talent. MIT technology review estimates. There may be as many as three hundred thousand trained a engineers in the world, but potentially millions of jobs to fill. I'm Ali win, and that's marketplace tech. This is a PM. If you use an Amazon echo, we have something pretty fun for you to try out just say Alexa, make be smart, and you'll get a new explainer. Every weekday from me in Cairo doll while you're there. You can also request new topics for me in Chi to explain. And of course, don't forget to also say play marketplace

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