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So you people that you excuse this kind of behavior PowerAde this in your in your line of work. Well, anybody listening tolerating know-how is feels about the kid, for example. That's no excuse. I love my son. But I'm gonna verbally abuse it for all, right? For example. Draymond green says that brought him in the fact that they almost got in a fight brought them closer together. And now, they can sink anything. So this didn't bring this kid didn't bring out the best in this kid. He made three three pointers in a twenty two game stretch and talked about how is would not let up but didn't is picking better last night after the incident dead after the right locate let's say is does this to a player. Save e does it to me is it. Okay. If I go back in 'em FM, what do you tolerate that m shut the beep up m effort what he agree. What do you? What do you tolerate that? Now, if he says, okay, you come back meet away come back at you. Okay. We got a mutual agreement. But this come back at him. And if he does come back he's gonna get disciplined. How's that fair? Yeah. Well, kurkim back at dream on and dreaming grown, man. Stink should college deficit college coaches and after coach in in the pros and the coach goes, okay? What have better in the second half scored eight points in the game? But I'm just saying eight point based on what is Michael you would not play for Frank Martin who is legendary Highland. I played against high school. I've met Frank Morton many times, but I would never encourage Klay on Michael to go play coach like that who loses who's us of control no way. I wouldn't play for the street yesterday thought I was going to be arguing this case by myself, and I did a better than me. But I it was pretty I told the story yesterday during purgatory Steve Blake in in highschool played for Frank Martin in Miami. And then went and played for Gary Williams, who is just as big a hothead as you don't especially for college and high school kid, you have no time of day for the greatest coach in college basketball if not basketball history. Knicks drives me crazy when I say chassis is John wooden John wooden conduct themselves. And you know, if you guys know John wooden, he? Never sworn. John wooden did not to join gen wooden would say when you get super. It was goodness sakes alive. Right. Gracious sakes alive. They didn't HBO did a documentary and they edited like fifteen of those. What is? When you take thirty calls on his don't want anybody. Mason thirty exactly people wanna wait on this. I don't want to buy Kohei Thomson soft. I played for coaches more demanding is more successful is. Oh, and they never treated us. Jack Ramsay, Pat Riley never yelled at you individually that the of course, Michael wakeup rebound. But not like putting his finger in my face. Look like he wanted to fight me. No, I wouldn't tolerate that. So when you do in Bill muscleman yelled at video Vilma seven Yellen refs players everybody that you just know demanding. Michael was there? Yeah. Right. It's hard to argue with actually was there a lot like this guy was Doug, Moe and one time I was playing the Denver Nuggets and Doug was just Cussing at some player and Calvin not at the time was playing for the nuggets. And so I was on the free throw line with Kevin would be my teammate in Portland. Kelvin. What are you guys? Let Doug talk to you that week. You know, what he said you don't talk to me like that. I would agree that the different players in treated differently. You know, it's not working with this kid. Phil Jackson used to not yell at Kobe shack at all and yell at pow because powder needed. This kid sounds like an emotional basket case. The last thing you need somebody be rating in publicly. Well, there's transferring he's a freshman. Right. I I don't know what he's gonna do. Yeah. If you just tell them to leave out, I wouldn't send him to Michigan state in the first place. I don't wanna play a verbally abusive. Coach is a ghost e cross the line..

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