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Pulled from the Willis fallen without cross country skiing when he fell through very dangerous situation to follow the water underwater could've died of hypothermia. And I really appreciate it. Coming out and save more lives. Sudbury fire says he called nine one one himself. He held onto some Bush's to stay above the water. Three firefighters in suits headed out onto the pawns. No one was hurt during the rescue. The victim who does not want to be identified was taken to Emerson hospital to be evaluated. The Sudbury first responders were saving my life. I really appreciate it. Sod berries fire chief praising firefighters for putting their extensive ice training program to good use a Worcester. Police sergeant is found not responsible for using excessive force during a drug raid five years ago against a livery driver sergeant Stephen Roach. The city's police gang unit was accused by the cabbie of hitting him in the head with his gun causing stitches police say the cabbie was dropping off a drug dealer at the time of the raid. Officer Roach said he pointed his gun inside the vehicle when he thought the cabbie may have been reaching for a gun himself and the man quickly turned his head his head. Smacking into the officers gone Worcester police say Roach had a long and impressive career with the department. Again, he has been cleared new meaning behind the phrase first responders a couple from Rhode Island on their way to the hospital. They have their baby when they realized they weren't going to make it. That's when Tiverton police officer, Matthew Braun and fire. Lieutenant Daniel Murphy arrived on scene. Help with the delivery in a parking lot officer Braun describes the scene. I think the father was more in shock than anything. And he could see exactly probably much as we had to the mother shoot to degrade baby came out, healthy, happy screaming, mom and the baby. Girl named Clair are both doing fine.

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