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Some of those are way now at talk at Houston matters dot org. First, Though the Texas House Democrats walk out over election bills has entered its second day in a few minutes, we'll check in with Houston area Democratic representative Gene Wu and Galveston Republican representative Maze Middleton. Let's begin, though, with doctor James Dixon, pastor at the Community of Faith, Church and President of the Houston NAACP. Chapter, Dr Dixon. Good Morning. Good Morning. Great great to be with you first. What's your take on the Texas House Democrats decision to break Quorum and in many cases had to Washington they had no other choice. The reality is when you feel like the constitution has been violated. Without any, uh, Rationale other than to support the basis of a massive voter fraud claim that never happened. And you see that what's happened to your constituents and all of all of Texas is completely unfair, Unjust and it's a power grab. They just had no choice. Uh and so at demand their courage. And we live in a nation where peaceful civil protest is a part of our history. I think that the exercise the right. One aspect of these election bills is the idea of banning drive through voting, which was, of course, very popular here back in November at the height of the pandemic, the reason cited often for the band and this is an argument that governor has made is that It creates an environment that can lack privacy and create potential for coercion in particular, when more than one voter is in the same vehicle. Some have raised objections over the idea of churchgoers piled into cars and vans and buses being influenced all the way up to where they would vote. Do you see that as a valid argument? I think that is such a lame argument. To be honest with you. I mean, If I'm in the car with my friends and my friends and act discussing who to vote for that is our privacy. That's our private conversation. We and we are certainly should be welcome to have that. I think that argument is completely lame and insufficient for the claim to be supported. The reality is With this is not just voted. Integrity is about a lack of integrity on the part of those who support these bills. Uh, one person carrying four people to the polls to vote. Is not a violation of the law..

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