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Well, if they are so when you do speak to their athletes, especially their quarterback, they know how to answer them in day to day has been in the spotlight. You mentioned the yard and things that he's accomplished here. You know, in the prep, you know football spotlight here in southern California. He's, he's gotta talk. He's got to have those interviews. So you know, you're going to get a sound soundbite very similar, which I feel like we didn't get enough time with Josh Rosen or Sam darnold. Do you think about because they would've gave a given us gold, you know, they would have given us ever. Anything. We want it from young quarterback in the spotlight of Los Angeles before Jared. Goff got here. Yeah, but it just happened so fast and before we were able to really repertoires round of their off to the first round of the National Football League. In the meantime, though, as all eyes are going to be on JT Daniels and there's this curiosity about him. I'm really excited to see how he looks Saturday against UNLV. I think this season is going to be treated as a referendum on clay Helton because it's his third season as the actual head coach, not the interim year, but the third year where he is the full time head coach. And the third season I think is often thought of as a proving ground season. And this year he doesn't have Sam darnold who in the eyes of a lot of alumni, a lot of fans who I don't think at this point are sold on clay Hilton darnold arm and his feet that talent that made him the third overall pick with the jets reportedly already the starter right? That guy papered over a lot of. Klay Hilton's weaknesses in the minds of a lot of fans. A lot of Lum night friends of mine who went to USC the, you know, a weaknesses with the Xs and os. You could paper over that with Sam darnold ability to improvise and clay. Helton also has a reputation as being great with players. Right? And and I've seen this up, close players, love. They love the guy like when when he was the interim head coach, they went to bat to get him hired and I saw players take up for him. I met you talking about max Brown earlier, right? Like the mistake that clay Helton made in beginning the season with max Brown oil? Yeah, I get it was loyalty lords. We won. I don't think it was even a mistake. I think it was. He told max Brown, I will give you an opportunity. Max Brown was part of a team that got my back when USC was still making a decision about me. I want to do right by these kids that did right by me. But now at this point, I think with a freshman quarterback. BAC a team that's considered good, but not necessarily great people are going to be looking to see how much can clay Helton elevate a team not just through his personality, not just through the raw ability, but really coaching and for for the people that are still skeptical. This is going to be the season that either confirms their bias or makes them. So you know what? I, I wasn't giving him enough credit. How do you base that opinion though? Because what's a successful season for USC in a year in which you are coming off of the Sam darnold years, and now you get a new quarterback. So Andy take me through this because I'm trying to figure it out in terms of does SC have to make the college football, playoff, do they have to what they have to go? Ten and two? What's that? Because I think it's so difficult especially where they're coming off and they look at the way that the Pac twelve has been treated. It's not just USC it's looking at Stanford. It's looking at Washington. The one gripe that wanna talk to pack twelve coaches is that look, they play a nine game conference schedule. So they when you play nine game, you're playing against each of the only get three sort of cupcakes if we want to call them, but those aren't cupcakes for yoga. See, they're playing Washington. I mean, they're playing Notre Dame. They're playing a Texas team. Okay..

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