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Org. You can go there as well. Fix San Diego roads dot org To also get the same petition. So stop the mileage taxed out of work or fix san Diego roads dot org. You'll be hearing a lot more about this petition, but I want to get it into your hands early. I want you to be spreading the word. I want you to get the the word out to all your friends. Motorists, etcetera. We gotta stop this thing. We gotta kill it so badly that they will never even look at the idea of a mileage checks again and that the state policymakers state politicians will hear about what happened in San Diego. Yeah, we got our rear ends handed to ourselves when we went in that direction so that we can absolutely Just completely stopped this dead in its tracks. So coming up, we've got to get into, uh, this bizarre new plan to separate kids by their vaccine status. That's right. It just came out today proposal from uh, when that left wing that uh, county Supervisor Terra Lawson Remer, also known as terrible Lawson, Remer. Coming up on the divine report. First traffic. We're off to a great start in from the South Bay a little bit of a slowdown, though, on the South side angle five getting right down towards imperial lab. The crash clearing over the right shoulder north out of the 15 Escondido Center city. North wants out car stalled out van middle lanes. They're trying to get over the right shoulder but stalled out. Carpet on the 15 little farther north here, Right at the 79. Several cars pulled over the right shoulder is an accent evolving a big rig. Looks like they're pending. A traffic advisory. Here. This is Nora found 15 just south of Highway 79 heading up into to make it a bit of a backup, but not so bad. Yet in a good drive getting into the East County on the 52 so far this afternoon, Cocos next real time traffic check, just 10 minutes way. Terrible home purchases Homes in any condition. Get your ass in all cash offer for your property in 24 hours from Turbo home. No repairs. No showings, no commissions. No closing costs. No.

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