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Partially because you can speak a different language and figuratively because you can blend in. But also about this idea that language is like this boundary, a wall right that exists between people and for me that wall can be kind of A. Protective. You know it feels comfortable in comforting to be able to still speak enough of my language to speak something kind of more intimate my parents in language that they grew up with or to even secretly understand things that people don't think I can. I can understand you know sitting in restaurants wherever they they look at me, you know checking my. I don't know tweeting or something. It's like Oh that that kid doesn't speak. Chinese. So we can talk about him one hundred bucks. And and yet, I can just enough to know that you're. You're stepping on the anyway so Yeah, the language is kind of a kind of magic is something that's always. Always been a part of the way look at the world and whether we're talking about English or Chinese or Spanish, and my Spanish is a little better than my. Chinese, actually. Congrat-. Again the grid shampoo, my parents that's That I don't have that that golden tongue for the language that they grew up with But yeah. So that is my good for sure. Phil. What about you? I think my good is experiencing language through the mind of my four year old. The, last four years has been you know like. Like. This is not something new has been happening since the dawn of humanity but watching learn language and being learned to speak then learn language. So mazing you know and then watching her pickup words and asking us like what does that mean and than US having to explain it in the simplest terms she understand and then seeing her get it you know. That's been credible. She knows the word protest now she how? She looks at the TV, it's he's a whole bunch of people would signs and she's like protests holy shit man. Black lives matter. She did that I'll be like hell yeah I mean it's been that's been so amazing to see would've spun she is for everything I mean regarding language and that includes us trying to teach her like you know candies, Korean words and. And it's it's amazing to no end when we teach her like it's like food words and and she and she like will explain it once and then like two weeks later she'll she'll remember she'll just bring it up and surprise the hell out of you know and so. Seeing language through the through this young really malleable you know very super absorbent mind. Is like miraculous. It's wonderful. So I'm not. Explaining anything that's any surprise to anybody. Gone through the same situation big apparent but like. It's it still does not cease to amaze in amaze me and it'd be hope you know. Yeah, that's my good I think that's that's amazing and yeah, I know that that set of moments really well. Twice now. But. There's also. Kind of something a little bit. I don't want to say sad per se but. Kids kids who are growing up in this era I think. The language that learning the words that they're being exposed to I you know pandemic right?.

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