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The and my trip and ors Joel mccower. Right is Christian. McCaffrey the best most skilled white guy in NFL history. I'm going to have to say yes man. I don't know maybe I don't even know about liberty to give that take. I looked on twitter and I seen a bill belichick going over the top one hundred players or maybe like the best. NFL team all time recounting players and there was a guy. I can't even think of his name. Dutch something from like the Thirties Dutch let Clark and they showed that he did a little bit of everything. He was running back quarterback punt it. And I'm not kidding. My eight year old son gave Dutch Clark the business. I'm not trying to be back to the family. But I'm telling you right now I would have murked debt Clark Eh. Six time all pro. He's all favorite. I'm not disrespected. The time I'm just saying if black people weren't allowed to eat in the same restaurant yet Are I have a little. I have a tough time respecting the film he was throwing passes and it looked like he was throwing knuckle balls. It was. It was a different game back then. All I'm saying is is when I watched Christian McCaffrey. He had a plan on the goal line today. where it was one on one with the DB and when I say he put some of the meanest sauce I've ever seen in a short area and dead-leg for a touchdown? That dude is next level. Bro I am telling you might take a little more interesting that you just gave us. Can we bring back. Can we please bring back the nicknames. That are strictly cle- ridden related to your nationality Dutch Clark. Hey you're not. You're you're flying Dutchman. Remember that they used to. Yeah just go. Strictly by your nationality happens. That's what we need is less sensitivity. Today we just people well I talk I called I interview todd. Gurley in the off-season I call them black todd. 'cause I'm like literally I'm not even kidding. He's the only black todd I've ever met in my life. Do you remember under the song. Like whoa by black. Rob Black Rob. Yes by the way you love this so I played high school basketball as you may or may not know and we he had but it gets Lebron team guys in the team played Lebron Thirteen out of the fifteen were white guys and our song for the year that we went to state my sophomore where was like Whoa by black. I remembered at a lot of those tournaments. Oh man you gotTa love it all right. What do got next? Neither one guy's answered the question. I said yes there now is he. Who else is even in the conversation because to me? It's a clear number one. Well there's all these old timers timers that before they had black players in the NFL. Were like killing it that right. I've how would we even know if they were any good red grange I know. He's super legendary and historic Eric. But I felt like I've been breakdown film with these guys Walker Red Grains. Jim Taylor Paul Horning. These were like the white running backs before black players were largely accepted into the NFL. Apparently they were killing it back then because they're still legends in today's game right. I mean they had second jobs and stuff. I'm back again. I'm not disrespecting debt. Clark I WanNa make that as clear as possible but when they showed his highlight it was a bunch of six yard runs. That's all out of things so even in the last quarterback thirty forty fifty years like even guys you guys have played against. Is anyone even come. Close to having the level of sauce of Christian McCaffrey Christian McCaffrey. I like a wes welker. Maybe like walkers okay. I'm trying to the receivers. I mean I don't even think like receivers Rod wide receivers with sauce like Kobe's has sauce. Wes welker sauce Ataman will. We'll sauce you up. Who Else Adam feeling is breaking cats down like and that's just the recent that's not even including the the Ed McCaffrey? Who was obvious? Reasons reasons connected to this conversation The Joe Jr vicious the Tim to whites who was stupid fast. But from a running back standpoint who was the last great white running back. Peyton Hillis Hillis. You can't really say he was great. Though I means be clear. He had a good season and he made the cover madden. But you wouldn't say he was a great white running running back. No you go back to. John riggins US probably the last one. Multiple pro bowls was a great running back and that was what nineteen early eighteen nineteen eighties eighties. Yeah I mean the last white running away so I can think of what Brian Leonard. I play with him. Peyton Hillis there was gearhart right Hobie Gerda Rexburg REX. BURKHEAD is still out there But yeah I mean the way Christian McCaffrey. He's just doing it different. When he had Alvin Kamara basically the same player just one is black with dreads and one is blond? Last great white corner corner was who. Joe Thomas Cornerback Jason Seahorn. He might have been the last white corner in the League in a league. I think so I mean I don't don't know how great he was but he was just known as the only white corner in the NFL. Yeah that's wild as giants fan. We all stand for Jason Horn. That was our guy. Yeah I can imagine really. Yeah I can imagine when he was married to like a real famous actress wasn't he probably Angie from law and order and harmony. That's who is news a good look at how. How about that? A lot of black quarterbacks and then a white tailback just killing it welcome to twenty nineteen looking at. Who would've thought all right? We've got next year. Last one DWAYNE Haskins picked up his first career one Sunday. But case. keenum kneeled the game out. Why because has was taking selfies with fans redskins legend? Joe Thomas Ripped Haskins on twitter interim coach Bill. Callahan said quote. No I don't laugh at it. I'm happy we won but will address. That guys might trip or is it kind of a big deal. That Dwayne Haskins was taking selfies while well the first team offense was on the field in the fourth quarter. Also by the way redskins legend. Joe Thomas Shot Joe Thomas and Joe Theismann the actual redskins legend and the first off of the. NFL HAS JOE. Did you see the video. Last week of Dwayne Haskins talking to his offensive line and satellite. Yeah that was offputting. 'cause until you earn respect by how you play. You can't go running and yelling at people when I seen it. The first thing I thought was Joe. Thomas is gonNA hate this video. How he's GonNa hate this kid forever for the audience who hasn't seen it so basically dwayne Haskins on the sideline sideline of last week's game? And he's he's in the huddle of like his office of line sitting down and he's like what do you guys. What can I do to help Eh? Some people seeing it and they're like oh his allied isn't even acknowledging him you know he's pushing it. I'm like having been in that in those situations I'm like I don't think I think that's really the case. In my mind's eye those guys probably felt like he was showing them up. And I'm like Joe Thomas Miss Again when I seen it. The first thing I thought was joe is not going to like this video and right I can imagine. It's up today. They actually pull it out. Ah Dwayne Haskins didn't play great now but they did win he did make some plays on the final drive to get them in field goal range and and then he's celebrating. He's excited as he should be his first win as a quarterback but he was so excited that he was not prepared to go out for victory and they ended up. Having to go case. It's Kim had to go near it out and the bad images dwayne Haskins taking selfies with fans in the stands while victory formation is going on. So here's the problem with this. Young Generation of food ballers is act like they've arrived after they do one good thing or one good game game or even like one good season. The light of arrived obvious reason the stance. What's you saw? Tom Brady go take selfies. In the middle of a game in the stands. You don't have to answer that. We all know that you know the answer. It doesn't happen because it is unprofessional. It's immature Moore. It just shows that you don't understand the importance and the gravity of every single. NFL game and the seriousness and the professionalism needed to have consistent assistant success. You haven't arrived. You shouldn't be digging selfish with anybody until you win the Super Bowl winning a meaningless game in the end of November on a team. That's horrible horrible. When you've been absolutely dreadful is absolutely the wrong and it should be dealt with with the most extreme iron fist from from Bill Callahan because you cannot tolerate this one week after he goes over and he berates the offensive line more? Do I have to do to help. Well maybe throw some frigging touchdown passes. Dan Don't throw interceptions in the other team. How about that? Don't fellow come here and try to show us up like like we're the ones that are holding you back Outta here with that Shit. The moment to play. Be Joe crying in the locker room. After winning one team this season taking selfies true in the middle of the game. And here's A. Here's a quick one. So when Eric Mangini was our coach he told us we couldn't like look into the stands and I was so afraid of him. This is my third year in the NFL. Already that I had some high school teachers that had gone to Arizona to watch me play and I was going out for like the early early warm ups. You're not even the warm ups but my my teacher had come down to the front row and was like. Hey Joe Joe and I like looked over there out of the quarter mile I but I was so afraid afraid to turn my head because I thought I was going to get fined and suspended by Eric. Mangini just totally ignored him entire game as soon as I got back to lock them after the game I texted him like so. Sorry Man I wish I could go over and say hi. But our coach said we're not allowed to like look into the stands in pre-game or even turn around and not saying that that it was the right approach book. Like how far have we come in under a decade. We're guys now are leaving the game to go take some of the fans and and just giving up their player performance money to other players in order to take a picture with by the way. So if you're a first round pick so he's got a higher salary but one play is probably worth what like five seven hundred bucks of player performance of hidden. Yeah yeah probably so. He willingly gave up seven hundred hundred dollars to go take a Selfie with somebody in the stance so for people in the audience. I don't know a player. Performance checks are basically you get a bonus at the end of the season based on how much you play the higher. Your salary is the lower per play. Bonus you get so if you're a guy like me and you were an undrafted guide and you have a League minimum salary and you play ton of plays at the end of the year that gets tallied up my biggest player performance check I think was two hundred and twenty thousand thousand dollars because I was making such a small salary but I played so much during the season. The teams write those checks give. The team writes this chicks. Yep and each player gets it so if you're the highest paid player on the team your performance bonuses low because they expect you to be playing a lot because we're paying you so much money so Dwayne Haskins parent forfeited about five hundred bucks on that one play. It was one of the great things that the NFL did with one of those the last CBA's performance because it actually it rewards the guys who should get it the guys that don't have a high salary but that are playing a lot in contributing to their team so yeah. It's pretty good but DWAYNE. He gave that up so mm-hmm birth to some pass option. OKAY RANDOM BUD BURP job. RUN PASS option run. It brought it or Tennessee. Bronze option all right producer. John Tees up a topic. Immediate Joe had the option of either running with it and talking about it or passing thing on it because ultimately I do care hawk..

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